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Whipworms in Cats

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The whipworm is a thin, threadlike worm that looks like a whip and lives in the large intestine, where it attaches itself and feeds on blood. Eggs are passed in the feces but take four weeks to be infectious. Once ingested, infected eggs develop into larvae that move from the small intestine to the large intestine where the adults mature. Most cats with whipworm exhibit no symptoms when infected, however the intestine can become inflamed as the number of worms increases.

• weight loss
• diarrhea
• mucous or blood in stool
• anemia (pale gums, weakness) can be seen with chronic, heavy infections

Additional Support
Whipworm eggs take a month to become infectious therefore they can be easily controlled through good sanitation and the prompt removal of feces. Whipworms can also be rendered ineffective through drying, so keep the your cat’s living space clean and dry. Regular deworming is a safe way to control worms.