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Heartworms in Dogs

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Heartworm Disease is a potentially deadly but preventable infection transmitted by mosquitoes that carry the heartworm larvae from one animal to another. Its name reflects the fact that adult worms live idle on the right side of the heart. Once established in a host, the heartworm will live in the blood vessels leading from the heart to the lungs and in advanced infections may enter the heart. Heartworms can stress the heart, blood vessels, and lungs when alive and can cause sudden respiratory distress when they die inside a host.

While infected, a dog may show no signs or may exhibit only mild symptoms including weight loss. Dogs harboring mature worms may vomit and exhibit intermittent lethargy, coughing, and occasional shortness of breath.

• vomiting
• lethargy
• coughing
• shortness of breath
• weight loss

Additional Support
It is estimated the 25 to 50 per cent of infected dogs survive a heartworm infection. Prevention is strongly recommended.  Ensure that your dog’s immune system is well supported. Remember never to diagnose your pet or administer any product without first consulting your vet.