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Kidney Stones in Dogs

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Kidney stones are pieces of minerals found in the kidneys that may stay in the kidney or travel out of the body through the urinary tract. They can be incredibly painful or cause no pain at all.

All dogs are prone to kidney stones, but some breeds are more susceptible to certain types of kidney stones than others. For example, kidney stones containing calcium and oxalic acid (known as calcium oxalate nephroliths) are more likely to be found in Lhasa Apsos, Yorkshire terriers, and Miniature poodles. Kidney stones containing uric acid (known as urate nephroliths) typically affect Dalmatians, Yorkshire Terriers, and English Bulldogs.

Some dogs with kidney stones exhibit symptoms, including those below, but others exhibit no symptoms at all and are diagnosed during testing for another medical problem.

A dog with kidney stones may exhibit none, any, or all of the following:
• increased urination
• painful urination
• burning during urination
• excessive licking of genitals
• blood in urine
• frequent urination
• vomiting

Additional Support
Dietary changes may help prevent kidney stones, but it is imperative you speak to your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet.