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For Dogs

Bladder Stones and Urinary Crystals Kit


Relieve your pet of the horrible pain and discomfort that comes from Bladder Stones with all-natural supplements formulated to ease symptoms and speed up your pet's recovery.


  • Soothing aid for flushing kidney stones
  • Healthy support for kidney failure
  • Assists in the maintenance of healthy kidney function
  • Encourages urinary tract health
  • Helps alleviate painful symptoms
  • Helps inhibit infection
  • All natural anti-inflammatory
  • Suitable for long-term use
  • Detoxifies the liver by removing toxins
  • Improves liver function
  • Supports regeneration of the liver
  • Glycerin based and safe for long-term use

1 bottle = 3.4 oz (100 ml)

3 month supply for a small to medium size pet.

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Average Rating

SEUNGYEON - NJ | May 19, 2017

My dog is 7 years old. He is kidney stones. I was surprised when I heard the result of the examination . Animal hospitals are asking us to look more carefully. I showed the doctor about the Tripsy. He told my dog to feed. I want my dog to look for health. Let's hope the Tripsy will work. *

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