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Dog Foods for Sick and Ailing Dogs

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Caru dog food is excellent for sick and ailing dogs. A highly palatable, nutritious food, Caru is a human-grade product, manufactured in a human-grade facility, and is only one of two brands that is FDA approved to use the term "Human Grade" on their packaging. Caru's palatability is significantly better than most manufactured pet foods on the market, regardless of whether it is raw, wet, freeze-dried or dry. Caru dog food is excellent for any dogs that have a loss of appetite because of ailments or diseases such as cancer, antibiotic treatments, surgery, oral care issues, dehydration due to diarrhea, or general aging. 

Key Facts about Caru Stews

  • Perfect for dogs who are finicky eaters, have food allergies or have lost their appetite
  • Contains all the goodness, flavor and aroma of a homemade stew
  • FDA approval to use the term “Human Grade” on our packaging - one of only two brands that can legally make this claim
  • USDA inspected, antibiotic & hormone free meat and poultry - the #1 ingredient plus healthy vegetables & fruit
  • No ingredients from China
  • Dry matter protein levels range from 25% (chicken) to 32% (turkey)
  • Natural with added vitamins & minerals - meets AAFCO adult maintenance nutrition guidelines
  • No grains, gluten, preservatives or GMO ingredients
  • Gently prepared in small batches in the USA by a family owned company
  • Caru has signed "The Truth About Pet Food" pledge
  • Convenient, eco-friendly package that’s BPA and preservative free - 24 month shelf life
  • No more expensive to feed than freeze dried dinners but much tastier and easier to serve