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Supplements Used by the University of Tennessee

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Our Veterinarian Only section will be launching soon! To get more in depth information about our products and to get wholesale prices on our products, please click to apply a veterinarian.

The NHV line of products has been on the markets for 15 years. Did you know that we were one of the first companies to create a herbal liquid line of product exclusively formulated for animals and that are ailment specific. All our products were developed by our in house veterinarian, master herbalist and a doctor of ayurvedic medicine.

Did you know that our products are used by the University Of Tennessee Integrative veterinary medicine?

The NHV line of supplements is manufactured with 100% organic plant material and strict quality control standards. All of our herbal remedies are produced in a state of the art, 40,000 square foot, GMP certified and certified organic processing facility, that has been producing human grade products for over 30 years. We also hold the following certificates

We maintain the high standards of research and quality control. Only the finest quality organically grown or wild crafted raw materials are sourced; and are guaranteed free from all chemical preservatives, irradiation and heavy metals to ensure a safe, premium, finished product.

These NHV herbal formulas have been tested over decades by consumers and Veterinarians. Research and development is continually invested in order to bring new and exciting products into the market.


As a professional when recommending a product to improve health and wellbeing or treat an ailment using a holistic approach we understand the importance of finding a product and a company you can trust. Unfortunately, the herbal market does not have global manufacturing standards and thus all herbal products are not created equal. There are manufacturers who produce herbal products that can be of lower quality and potentially unsafe due to small operations, unlicensed facilities, non-organic or unverified sources for plant material and even producing products out of their own home. We urge all clients to educate themselves or research the companies they are dealing with to verify they are getting a quality product at a competitive price.