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For Dogs

Echo Gold for dogs

The best natural herbal ear drops for dog ear infections and pain.

Echo Gold for dog ear infections can help sooth and relieve pain and inflammation that is caused by dog ear mites, allergens, insect bites, foreign particles, food allergies, parasitic mites and fungal infections. Dog ear infections can be detected if there is in swelling, shaking of head, itching, smelly odour, waxy discharge, redness and flaking and bumps on the skin.

  • Supports in reducing inflammation of the dog ear canal
  • Helps eliminate ear mites and infection causing triggers
  • Reduces itching and scratching
  • Helps to eliminate canine ear discharge
  • Supports to reduce unpleasant odor

1 bottle = 1.0 oz (30ml)


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Ear infections in dogs are extremely common. Dogs are predisposed to ear infection due to the anatomy of their ears, which has a vertical and a horizontal component. This means that debris must work it’s way upward rather than straight out. The severity and speed of recovery of canine ear infections can be aided through gentle routine cleaning and the use of NHV Echo Gold. NHV Echo Gold is vet-formulated to contain herbs with healing and calming properties.

For how to clean your dog’s ears, you can visit Dr. Cook’s video by clicking here.

Ear infections in dogs may be caused by:
-Bacteria and yeast infections
-Allergies due to food or environmental contacts
-Parasites such as ear mites
-Other health issues that trigger hormonal imbalance (hypothyroidism)
-Breed related issues
-Immune conditions

Signs your dog may have an ear infection are:
-Discharge from the ears
-Unpleasant order
-Shaking of head
-Scratching and rubbing of head
-Inflammation and redness of the ear
-Behavioral changes

Although ear infections in dogs are common, chronic ear infections should be investigated by a veterinarian for any underlying abnormalities such as canine food allergies, atopy, or canine hypothyroidism. The use of natural herbal-based ears drops may be an effective way of supporting dog ear infection.

Topical Use Only: Warm the ECHO GOLD by placing the bottle in hot water or running under hot water for 30 seconds. Shake well. Place a few drops in to the ear canal.  Using a cotton swab apply to outer ear area as well.

Information presented by NHV Natural Pet Products is for educational purposes only.

Chamomile – A herb that has been used for bacterial and fungal infections for centuries. Chamomile works to soothe and heal inflamed skin, speed healing of ear mite bites in and around the ear, and combat allergies.

Goldenseal – acts a disinfectant and is thought to inhibit bacteria, fungi and parasites when the herb comes in direct contact with the bacteria.  This herb has anti-inflammatory properties, which is beneficial in fighting infections in your dog’s ears.

Echinacea Angustifolia– Also known as coneflower, Echinacea stimulates and strengthens the immune system and helps your pet fight infections.

Myrrh – A herb with strong antibiotic and antiseptic properties.  Studies have show that it helps increase the white blood cell count, which will help your dog fight the infection quickly.  In ancient times, Myrrh was used to eliminate odor.

Tea Tree Oil – an effective antiseptic, beneficial for fungal (yeast) and bacterial infections. Tea Tree Oil has often been used and recommended for ear infections and to eliminate bad odors. In pets it is especially helpful in helping external parasites.

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Average Rating

Mari - Florida | April 24, 2017

Noticeable improvement. *

Was this review helpful?

Tim V - Oklahoma | April 16, 2015

My 11 year old cocker passed away in December & through her life we were in the vets office all the time & the expense was unreal. Our new cocker is 8 weeks old & I bought Echo Gold before we brought her home. I started immediately using it in her ears to prevent anything starting. She is a happy girl & there is no problems with her ears. *

Was this review helpful?

SWilkins - Alabama | April 14, 2014

This product is great for ear infections and allergies. My Shih Tzu was getting ear infections often and doesn't like for his ears to be touched. He likes this product and doesn't mind it at all. It has really helped. *

Was this review helpful?

Patti - New York | May 16, 2013

I’ve tried many other meds for my dogs ears but nothing really worked. Echo Gold is the best product I have ever come across thank you. *

Was this review helpful?

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