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Avian and Small Exotic Pets

Small and exotic pets can safely use NHV Natural Pet Products Herbal Supplements.  The NHV range of product can be used to help support the health and wellbeing of our feathered friends and furry critters. 


In order to live long and healthy lives, exotic pets require special care. These pets need veterinary care, balanced nutrition, human interaction, clean and safe housing. Each species of exotic pet has its own specific needs for housing, diet, and care. Even different types of birds require different types of housing and diet, as do small mammal pets. Additionally, each small exotic pet has different needs for example birds have behavioral issues due to stress, rabbits have skin issues, ferrets have hair balls and hamster may have diarrhea.  


We at NHV want to be able to help you protect your pet by providing you with the best natural herbal solutions that enhances yours pet’s health and wellbeing.