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Cancer Relief for Charlie

Cancer Relief for Charlie

"My boy was diagnosed with Melanoma tumor in lip, he was depressed about pain and all the surgeries. 
I started him on the 3 part cancer detox kit, NHV Es clear, [BK] Detox, and Milk Thistle.
He has had a reoccurrence in cancer but his quality of life has gotten much better, more energy, more appetite, and he just loves life, and for 13 1/2 year’s young, he has all his facilities and loves his family very much..

This has been a 100% turn around with our boy Charlie.

Between the NHV drops & his (pharmaceutical name removed), it’s been amazing, the different actions he does, the tumor in the neck area actually changes shape all of the time.

He is totally awesome and for almost 13 1/2 years young and with change in diet and a LOT of Family members who love him very much. He’s our baby!"


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