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Natural help for diabetic Eliot

Natural help for diabetic Eliot

"In September, he got diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and UTI. He is already diabetic and CKD . He is 15 ½ and was diagnosed with early stage kidney disease 2 years ago. He’s been on pro-zinc insulin. He gets once week sub q fluids.

Eliot has been on Mellit and Tripsy for a little over 2 weeks (started after he came home from a 3 day hospital stay because of acute pancreatitis). I did a glucose curve on him yesterday, and his range over 12 hours was the best it’s been in a very long time!! I am sure the supplements are helping my little old man! I will add the milk thistle to the mix soon. His ultrasound in the hospital showed a couple of small lesions on his liver, and and he will need to be rechecked in a few weeks. Thank you for your help getting him started on these fabulous products!

I am amazed every single day how much better he is since we started him on these supplements. Just started the milk thistle 3 days ago. He actually loves that one!

I wish I could capture the difference in him in a video! He’s doing things he hasn’t done in a year or more!!"


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