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Support Your Cat in Healing From Heart Disease

Heartworms are a potentially deadly parasite(Dirofilaria immitus) that can be spread to pets through mosquito bites. Once infected, the heartworm larvae grow and mature in the cat’s bloodstream over the next six months. This can stress the heart, blood vessels, and lungs, even causing sudden respiratory distress when they die. Heartworm is much more common in dogs than in cats. Unfortunately, cats with heartworm do not usually exhibit symptom like they do in dogs. They may exhibit the symptoms below, but they may not exhibit any symptoms at all.


Vomiting Lethargy
Coughing Shortness of breath (intermittent heavy, labored breathing)
Weight loss  

Use Effective Natural Support During Treatment

It’s estimated that It is estimated the 25 to 50% of cats infected with heartworm survive. Conventional preventative medication is highly recommended.

If your cat is fighting an infection, dietary supplements support for your cat’s heartworm disease recovery along with treatment prescribed by your veterinarian can give them the best fighting chance. These 100% natural supplements have been formulated by a veterinarian with over 20 years of experience treating animals. They are designed to support.

For personalized help with your pet’s condition, call our free pet expert hotline at 1-877-937-4372 or ask us online.

Available Heartworm Disease Support for Cats

NHV’s Heartworm Kit for cats is designed to give the herbal support needed for cats going through the conventional treatment of heartworms.

  • HEARTY HEART - This natural blend will increase efficiency of blood flow to the heart as well as improving appetite and energy levels. The mixture of herbs such as Hawthorne acts as a cardiotonic by dilating the vessels and coronary arteries improving the metabolic process and blood supply to the heart and rest of the body.
  • INULIN PK - The ingredients in this herbal formula will help strengthen the immune system as well as repairing the damage done by the parasites. These potent herbs include Elecampane which has a paralyzing effect on the central nervous system of the worms. Wormwood is an herb that expels intestinal worms and parasite infestations which aid in the support of cats with heartworm disease.
  • MILK THISTLE - This herbal supplement improves liver function and removes toxins as well as supporting liver regeneration.

These supplements are intended to be used in conjunction with your vet-recommended regimen of pharmaceutical heartworm treatment to help give your cat’s body the added support needed through the treatment process. Read more about heartworm disease at NHV Blog. At NHV, we strive to provide all pets with a better quality of life to live healthier and longer naturally.

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