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Overview of Persian

The Persian's adorable smushy face and personality have been winning the world over since the 16th century! They were a regular fixture amongst royal courts in Europe, especially Queen Victoria's! It is said that Florence Nightingale (who established the field of nursing) owned at least 60 Persian cats in her lifetime! With seven different color divisions, including solids, silvers, and smoked, the Himalayan Persian cat, or "Himmy, " is the most popular. These kitties are some of the oldest around, with roots going back to Ancient Persia (present-day Iran). These medium-sized (7-12 lbs) cats are brachycephalic cats (short-faced), so daily cleaning of their adorably smushy folds around their eyes is essential to keep tiny mats and tear staining under control. Their long flowing coat requires daily grooming to keep mats at bay as well. Some pet parents even opt to give their Persian kitties a lion cut so they can cut down on uncomfortable matting.

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Persian

Polycystic kidney disease in cats:

Persian cats are very susceptible to polycystic kidney disease (PKD). This means that cysts develop in the kidney area, growing and multiplying if left untreated. It is estimated that 40% of Persian cats suffer from this hereditary disease.

Recommendations for Polycystic kidney disease in cats in Persian Cats:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Persian

Hairballs in cats:

In cats are more likely to appear in long-haired breeds, such as Persians who have both a long undercoat and long top coat. Cats that shed a lot or who groom themselves compulsively are also more likely to get hairballs because they tend to swallow a lot of fur.

Recommendations for Hairballs in cats in Persian Cats:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Persian

Glaucoma in cats:

is an inherited eye condition where excessive pressure builds up in the eye and if left untreated, may cause blindness. This condition is more common in purebred dogs, however, Burmese kitties and Persian kitties may be genetically prone to this condition.

Recommendations for Glaucoma in cats in Persian Cats:



With their sweet nature and calm disposition, it's no surprise that Persian cats are so popular! Who wouldn't fall in love with their expressive eyes, round eyes, small round ears and expressive eyes? They crave the attention of their favorite humans and love draping themselves over an arm or favorite couch. These purr angels will live peacefully with other cats, dogs and even small children. Known for their heavy boning, smushed face and plush coat, Persian cats prefer to keep their paws firmly planted on the ground. So if you want a beautiful four-legged companion with a winning personality and a cute smushy face, you may want to get your hands on a Persian cat!

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