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Australian Shepherd


Overview of Australian Shepherd Dog

The Australian Shepherd dog, aka The Aussie, isn't actually Australian! In the early 1800s, many Basque shepherds journeyed to Australia in search of rich pasturelands for herding. During their stay in the land down under, these Basque refined their dogs with the herding prowess of many other breeds, including Collies. When they left Australia, they went in search of greener pastures in the Westcoast of the United States. The Californian ranchers admired the Basques' herding dogs and assumed they were an Australian breed, so that's where the Australian Shepherd's misleading name comes from. These herding marvels became iconic companions for many cowboys, even earning fame as rodeo trick dogs. Many are still happily herding in the American West while others earn their keep as therapy dogs, service dogs, and search-and-rescue pooches. They are known for their beautiful weatherproof coats; they come in a range of colors but blue and red merle are the most popular. Another distinctive feature of the Australian Shepherd is their eyes, which are often two different colors and can be split or swirled. Native Americans call these dogs 'Ghost eye' and consider them sacred!

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Australian Shepherd


Without something to amuse and entertain them, Aussies can exhibit destructive behaviors such as chewing, restlessness, or anxiety.

Recommendations for Anxiety in Australian Shepherd Dogs:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Australian Shepherd


The Australian Shepherd’s double coat can hide external parasites like fleas if their coats are not regularly checked and maintained.

Recommendations for Fleas in Australian Shepherd Dogs:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Australian Shepherd

Eye Issues:

A common Australian Shepherd health issue is eye disease like juvenile cataracts. This condition can develop in puppyhood and is characterized by cloudiness in the lens.

Recommendations for Eye Issues in Australian Shepherd Dogs:



Australian Shepherds are energetic, intelligent and lively dogs that are happiest when they have a job to do. Their versatility as service dogs and ranchers also makes them excel at agility and obedience training. They learn quickly and make great additions to any family, but keep in mind that they may try to nip at them in households with young children due to their herding background. Regular brushing is required to keep their beautiful coat free of tangles and dirt. Make sure to check for ticks and other parasites because they can hide in the Aussie's double coat. Apart from the standard size Australian Shepherds (35 - 70 lb) you can also find mini Aussies and (19-30 lbs) and toy Aussies (under 20 lbs).

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