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Wire Fox Terrier


Overview of Wire Fox Terrier

Once a popular foxhunting pooch, the Wire Fox Terrier is now primarily a fun-loving companion and show dog. Their coat is mostly white as to not be mistaken for the red coat of a fox; it is rough and wiry as opposed to their sibling breed the Smooth Fox Terrier. Like all terriers, these dogs have a high prey drive and quick reflexes, so they love to chase anything smaller than themselves. As natural performers, The Wire Fox Terrier became the talk of the town in the 1930s, when MGM studios adapted The Thin Man crime novel into a super successful movie franchise, starring a wire-haired fox terrier named Asta. These dogs are intelligent and have a mischievous sense of humor, so don't be surprised if they don't back down when challenged!

Personality of Wire Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terriers are clever, upbeat companions with lots of personality. They can be stubborn, so training requires a firm hand, patience and consistency. Like many terriers, these dogs need a lot of exercise - long daily walks, chasing a ball or running around in a fenced yard are great ways for this pup to satisfy their daily activity needs. They possess the typical confidence and tenacity of any terrier and will offer you hours of entertainment with their silly antics. If you're looking for a medium-sized (14-16 lb) terrier-type dog with a wiry coat and a wicked sense of humor, get a Wire Fox Terrier!

Common Health Issues & Recommendations for Wire Fox Terrier

Knee Problems: Sometimes a wire haired Fox Terrier’s kneecap (patella) may be loose and slip out of place (called patellar luxation). The kneecap can be put back into place if it dislocates but if the condition worsens, it may require surgery.

Recommendations for Knee Problems in Wire Fox Terrier Dogs:

  • Old Timer - Natural aid to support muscle and joint inflammation, relieve arthritis and encourage circulation.
  • Multi Essentials - Rich in vitamins and minerals essential for healthy metabolism (improved energy), detoxification and joint health.
  • Turmeric - Formulated to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support for the body, including the brain and nervous system.
  • Yucca - A highly nutritive herb that supports healthy appetite, nutrient absorption and inflammatory response.

Heart Disease: Wire Fox Terriers may be prone to developing heart disease in their senior years. Most canine heart disease is caused by the weakening of a heart valve.

Recommendations for Heart Disease in Wire Fox Terrier Dogs:

  • Heart Health Super Support Kit - A bundle of natural supports to promote cardiovascular health, improve blood flow to the heart and encourage tissue regeneration.

Dermatitis: is a hypersensitivity to environmental substances that are typically harmless like pollens and dust. Some breeds like Wire Fox Terriers and Dalmatians are more prone to developing skin allergies.

Recommendations for Dematitis in Wire Fox Terrier Dogs:

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