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Aphrodite's Giant / Cyprus


Overview of Aphrodite’s Giant/Cyprus Cat

The Aphrodite’s Giant/Cyprus cat is one of the oldest, if not the oldest domestic cat breed in existence. Scientists have discovered evidence of feline domestication on the island of Cyprus dating back 9500 years. Still, a special bond with cats could go back even further if they were brought over from somewhere else! According to feline lore, there is a legend that Cleopatra brought cats to Cyprus to exterminate snakes. However, the Christian version says that Saint Helen, the mother of Constantine the Great and not Cleopatra, got the cats to the island. Regardless of who brought them over, these kitties have lived alongside Cypriots (inhabitants of Cyprus) for thousands of years. With little outside influence for centuries, these cats naturally developed as feral felines on the island, and many are still wild today. Their most distinctive feature is their large body (15 - 24 lbs) that can take up to 5 years to reach full size! They have powerful long legs, a thick coat (short to semi-longhair), and well-plumed hair. Due to the breed's history of originating from mountainous regions in Cyprus, these kitties are generally found in cooler climates, but they are highly adaptable. They come in all patterns and colors except pointed and mink.

Personality of the Aphrodite’s Giant/Cyprus Cat

Aphrodite’s Giants/Cyprus cats are ideal family pets because of how social and silly they are, but if you are thinking of adopting one, keep in mind that they do best with another feline playmate because they don't like being alone. Aphrodite’s Giants/Cyprus cats are known for being curious, adventure-loving, and always excited to hunt down prey. If you don't have the patience for a high-energy pet, this kitty may not be the best fit. Their thick coat requires daily brushing, but the nice thing is that these kitties love being social, so any attention they can get from their humans is welcomed with open paws!

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Aphrodite’s Giant/Cyprus Cat

Hairballs: Can occur when loose hair gets trapped in their belly. Aphrodite’s Giant/Cyprus cat is prone to developing hairballs because of their thick coat, especially the kitties with longer hair.

Recommendations for Hairballs in Aphrodite’s Giant/Cyprus Cat:

  • Hairball Control Kit - Helps to dissolve ingested hairballs naturally and support healthy digestion/elimination

Ear Infections: Can be a complex issue, often cat ear infections are a secondary condition due to another more serious issue. Ear mites, FIV, tumors, a ruptured eardrum, or other environmental irritants could all be causes for a cat ear infection so it is important to get in touch with your trusted vet to figure out what the underlying cause for the infection is and proceed with the best care plan.

Recommendations for Ear Infections in Aphrodite’s Giant/Cyprus Cats:

  • Echo Gold for Cats - Can help soothe and heal inflammation in the ear canal and reduce infection-causing triggers (bacteria, fungus, mites)

Obesity: Is a common condition in cats as a result of being overfed (too many yummy treats) or there may be missing nutrients and vitamins in their diet. Their weight can be brought back under control with exercise and a change in diet.

Recommendations for Obesity in Aphrodite’s Giant/Cyprus Cats:

  • Nutritional Essentials Plus Kit - Helps improve digestion, metabolism (increase energy levels), and nourishment to encourage healthy detoxification and circulation
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