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Ear Infections Gold Care Kit

USD $82.90

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3 month supply for a small to medium size pet.

Help your dog's ear infections with NHV ECHO GOLD and NHV ALGE-EX, a powerful combination that will help improve your pet's internal immunity while also helping to soothe the external discomfort of an ear infection.

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USD $82.90
USD $82.90

bundle and save with pet expert kits

3 month supply for a small to medium size pet.

Help your dog's ear infections with NHV ECHO GOLD and NHV ALGE-EX, a powerful combination that will help improve your pet's internal immunity while also helping to soothe the external discomfort of an ear infection.

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A dog’s ear is made up of three part the outer ear (part you see) the middle ear (eardrums) and the inner ear. Ear infections in dogs are common and can be caused due to fungal and bacterial infection, allergies caused by food or environmental contact, foreign bodies entering the ear such as pollen, water or mites. Infections can additionally be caused due to a hormonal imbalances such as a thyroid or adrenal gland issue.

Signs of dog ear infections include:
-Discharge from the ears,
-Unpleasant order,
-Shaking of head, scratching and rubbing of head,
-Inflammation and redness of the ear
-Behavioral changes.

NHV has combined two products to help your pet dog fight ear infections. Applying Echo Gold a natural herbal-based ear drop remedy along with ALGE-EX may be an effective way of supporting and treating your dog's ear infection. Both products are vet-formulated and vet approved. The herbs in these products will help your dog’s immune function, while easing the discomfort associated with ear infections.


  • Helps reduce discomfort and inflammation in the ear
  • Eases rubbing, itching and scratching of the dogs ear
  • Helps stop discharge and odor
  • Calms irritated skin


  • Helps support immune response and histamine activity in canines
  • Reduces symptoms of airborne allergies such itchy ears
  • May reduce inflamed, scabbed itchy skin
item number
1.40 LBS
3.4 fl. oz (100ml) + 1 fl. oz. (30ml)
life stages
adult, senior, puppy/kitten
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Disclaimer: The information provided in relation to the products mentioned is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional veterinary advice or a substitute for consultation with a qualified veterinarian. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any pet health condition. Consult a licensed veterinarian before using any product or making changes to your pet's diet, health, or wellness routine. Individual pet health outcomes may vary, and the effectiveness of the product may depend on various factors specific to your pet. Always carefully read and follow the product label and instructions. The manufacturer and distributor of these products do not assume any liability for any direct or indirect consequences that may arise from the use of these products on pets. All information is for educational purposes only. 



Chamomile – Beneficial for bacterial and fungal infections. Chamomile helps soothe and heal inflamed skin, aid in allergies response, and aid in ear mite bites in and around the ear.

Goldenseal – Has anti-inflammatory properties in fighting infections in your dog’s ears. Goldenseal is a known herbal disinfectant that inhibits bacteria, fungi and parasites when it come in direct contact with it.

Coneflower – Also known as Echinacea, this powerful herb helps to stimulate and strengthen a dog’s immune system at various levels in the body.

Myrrh – Has been used since ancient times to eliminate odors, and has been used for its antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Studies have show that it helps increase the white blood cell count, which will help your dog fight the infection.

Tea Tree Oil – an effective antiseptic, beneficial for fungal (yeast) and bacterial infections. Tea Tree Oil has is commonly used for dog ear infections has it helps remove dirt, fluids, get rid of odors, aids with discomfort relief and helps to treat external parasites.


Eyebright- an herb that has a long history of use for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial antifungal, activities. It is considered to be useful for allergies, upper respiratory tract infections, hay fever, and sinusitis.

Ginger- In addition to its therapeutic uses, this pungent and aromatic root has been used as a spice for centuries to enhance flavor in food. Research has shown that ginger has excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and helps the body fight infections.

Feverfew- A herb that inhibits the release of histamine and serotonin. It is considered to be very safe for dogs and is used as an alternative to aspirin.

European Golden Rod- A herb with anti-inflammatory, anticatarrhal, antioxidant properties. European Golden Rod has been used to treat environmental allergies and is beneficial in fighting fungal infections.

Echinacea- In human and animal experiments, Echinacea preparations have been shown to have immunostimulant effects. It helps defend against microorganisms and helps remove invading bacteria. Echinacea also supports the lymph system, which in turn expels waste from the tissues.

Inactive ingredients such as water, glycerin, or bases for ointments like olive oil are not listed in this ingredient tab. For a full list of ingredients, please see the label picture on the bottle, shown above. Information about ingredients is for educational purposes only. It is important to always refer to the product label for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding ingredients.



Topical Use Only: Warm the ECHO GOLD by placing the bottle in hot water or running under hot water for 30 seconds. Shake well. Place a few drops in to the ear canal. Using a cotton swab apply to outer ear area as well.

ALGE-EX : To be taken twice daily. Determine your pet’s weight and then use the easy chart below to determine the correct dose. This is the minimum dosage.

Pet's Weight Dosage

0 - 15 lb = 0.5 ml

16 - 30 lb = 1.0 ml

31 - 45 lb = 1.5 ml

46 - 60 lb = 2.0 ml

61 - 75 lb = 2.5 ml

Over 75 lb = 3.0 ml


How to Administer
Shake well before use. The easiest method is to use the dropper provided and place the drops into your pet’s food or favorite treat. You can also use the dropper and squirt directly into the pet’s mouth. Some pets can be finicky, if this occurs consider hiding the drops in foods most pet’s love such as fish, chicken or yogurt or a favourite treat. If your pet only eats dry food then soak a few kibbles at feeding time.

For Best Results
Herbal dietary supplements are beneficial to the health and well-being of your pet and are safe for long-term use. Every pet responds to natural herbal supplements differently, therefore it is important to be consistent and administer the product daily. Supplements generally take two to four weeks to take effect, however this will vary from one animal to the next.

Product Storage
All NHV Natural Pet Products are pure herbal extracts and contain no artificial additives, preservatives or coloring. Shelf life after opening is 6 months and must be refrigerated after opening.
Cautions and Contraindications
Do not use ALGE-EX in pregnant or nursing animals, or animals that suffer from autoimmune disease. Speak to your vet before using our products. A second visit is recommended if your pet’s condition does not improve, or deteriorates after continued use of the supplements.

All information provided by NHV Natural Pet Products is for educational purposes only.


My dog has chronic ear infections, what can cause this?

Chronic ear infections can be caused by moisture in the ears, food allergies or hormonal imbalances. In breeds like labs, ear infections may be common because the ear flap 'seals' moisture in and doesn't allow the ear to dry out. Allergies can cause skin and ear infection and hypothyroidism in dogs is also a major cause of chronic ear infections.

Can ear infections cause my pet to become deaf?

Severe, untreated ear infections can cause damage to the eardrum, which may affect hearing. It's best to have your pet seen by your veterinarian at the first sign of an ear infection to avoid this progression and possible damage.

Are ear infections contagious?

Pets ear infections are generally not contagious.

Are younger pets more likely to have ear infections?

Younger pets are generally more likely to have ear mites, but not necessarily ear infections. Ear infections do not generally have a specific age associated with them.

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Ear Infections Gold Care Kit

USD $82.90

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