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American Foxhound


Overview of American Foxhound

Today, the American Foxhound is the state dog of Virginia. George Washington was a key player in the development of these pooches. And despite his title as the ultimate American, Washington and other wealthy plantation owners, who came of age in pre-Revolutionary times, considered themselves English through and through. Apart from culture and dress, one of George Washington’s cherished traditions was the English foxhunt where equestrian riders would glide through the countryside along with their trusty hounds to chase the cunning fox. Washington was such an avid fox hunter that he kept a pack of 36 dogs! These pooches were British imports (dating back to 1650) which he later crossed with several other breeds, including French hounds and the Irish Foxhound, to differentiate them from their cousin, the English Hound. While the American Foxhound was first developed in Maryland and Virginia, they became famous for their hunting abilities in Kentucky and Tennessee. Surprisingly, the American Foxhound is not a very popular breed in the US, even though their peculiar howl is quite harmonious and even song-worthy! American Foxhounds have a medium-length coat that ranges from combinations of white with blue, brown, red or cream, but the most common is white with black and tan. The ears and muzzle are long; they weigh around 60 to 75 pounds; the eyes are wide and hazel or brown, and their tail is curved.

Personality of American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is a pack animal that does not like living alone. They are very social with humans and other pets like cats, rabbits and even horses! True to hounds, American Foxhounds have an independent and stubborn nature so training requires patience (especially if they catch a scent). A fenced-in yard, where your pup can run free is ideal. Their loud singsong bark (great for fox hunting) is something to consider if you're living in the city. American Foxhounds need lots of daily activity to avoid boredom or destructive behavior. Their short hard coat only requires a short, once-a-week brushing to keep them looking great! So American Foxhounds are a great choice if you want a good-natured pup who plays nice with other animals. However, they do need space to roam.

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for American Foxhound Dogs

Dental Disease: American Foxhounds are more likely than other pooches to have problems with their teeth and gums. Regular brushing will keep their teeth healthy as well as keep tartar and plaque at bay.

Recommendations for Dental Disease in American Foxhound Dogs:

  • Mouth Drops - Helps to promote oral health and aids to prevent gingivitis and tooth decay

Thrombocytopenia: is a disorder that affects blood platelets. These platelets are unable to function properly, resulting in difficulty forming clots. American Foxhounds are a breed that is predisposed to this condition. Common symptoms include blood in stool or urine, nosebleeds, and excessive bleeding from cuts and scrapes. Thrombocytopenia, if caught early, can be managed and not affect the quality of your dog’s life.

Recommendations for Thrombocytopathy in American Foxhound Dogs:

  • Multi Essentials - Contains essential vitamins and minerals, like iron, that will help with blood disorders such as Thrombocytopathy and to help fill any nutritional voids.
  • Natures Immuno - A mushroom blend, formulated with very gentle anti-inflammatory properties, that may help to rebalance immune function, without overstimulating the immune system.

Ear Infections: The American Foxhound’s long ears make them vulnerable to ear infections. Check their ears regularly to prevent wax and debris buildup.

Recommendations for Ear Infections in American Foxhound Dogs:

  • Ear Infections Gold Care Kit - A natural remedy that can rebalance internal immunity and soothe the external discomfort of ear infections.
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