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Australian Kelpie


Overview of Australian Kelpie

If you want a breed that is hardwired for work, then look no further than the Australian Kelpie! They are a medium-sized (30 - 46 lbs) sheepdog that still does the work they were bred for. Even today, hundreds of thousands of Kelpies work on farms and open plains down under and across North America. What makes these sheepdogs so darn good at their job is their rare combination of brains and determination! Plus, their excellent sense of balance doesn't hurt either. The Australian Kelpie's inner ear has a series of fluid-filled canals lined with sensitive hairs that send balance messages to the brain whenever they move. Bred in the 1800s to withstand Australia's harsh terrain and climate while tending to the Merino sheep fields (sometimes spanning over 2 million acres of land. These herders were able to perform the work of several men and were so good at it that some say that Australia was built on the back of a Kelpie dog! Their family tree includes Collies and likely a splash of Dingo - Australia's wild dog. Their signature move is known as sheep backing, where they jump up on the backs of the sheep to move them along. The Kelpie dog’s dense double coat protects them from the elements and only needs weekly brushing to remove dead hairs. The coat comes in a range of colors: black, brown, red, smoke blue, fawn, black and tan, and red and tan, but the most common Australian Kelpie colors are black and brown.

Personality of Australian Kelpie

Australia Kelpies were built to wrangle sheep across large distances, so they are unsuitable for apartment living. They always need a job to satisfy their boundless energy levels, so they may be prone to separation anxiety or stress if left alone for too long without something to do. A Kelpie's extreme intelligence will constantly keep you on your toes, but luckily, they are very obedient and easy to train, so start early, especially if you have young children and other pets. They play nice with everyone as long as they are trained and socialized properly. The United Kennel Club fully recognizes the Australian Kelpie as a member of the hunting group. However, they have yet to reach full breed recognition from the AKC. So if you’re looking to bring home a workaholic pet that approaches life with full enthusiasm and can turn on a dime, an Australian Kelpie could be the dog for you!

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Australian Kelpie Dog

Dog Separation Anxiety: Kelpies are not one of those dogs that do well if left alone - they are prone to separation anxiety and if left alone for too long, they may exhibit a range of destructive behaviors.

Recommendations for Separation Anxiety in Australian Kelpie Dogs:

  • Lesstress - A calming support for anxiety and excitability that may help prevent destructive behavior.
  • Matricalm - Depending on the level of anxiety in your Kelpie, you can pair Lesstress with Matricalm to promote a calm mind and body.

Worms and Parasites in dogs: Breeds like the Australian Kelpie who often work on farms or open fields, may be susceptible to parasitic worms from other animals (like their flock), eating contaminated food, or coming into contact with an infected environment.

Recommendations for Worms and Parasites in Australian Kelpie Dogs:

  • Natural Deworming Gold Kit - A bundle of natural remedies formulated to help prevent or expel worms naturally, support the healthy elimination of toxins that parasitic worms may leave behind, and may encourage liver regeneration.

Dog Paw Pad Injury: This kind of injury may develop if you have a high-energy working breed like the Australian Kelpie, especially if they are running on hard surfaces like hot pavement for long spans of time. Their paw pads may be prone to blister, burn or peel.

Recommendations for Paw Pad Injuries in Australian Kelpie Dogs:

  • Heal Care Ointment - A soothing balm to aid the recovery of paw pad injuries and may help ease sore muscles.
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