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Black Russian Terrier


Overview of Black Russian Terrier

If you want a big impressive breed, check out the Black Russian Terrier! Also known as a Blackie, a Chornie, a Russian Bear Schnauzer, or a BRT for short, these rare pups were once used as military dogs in the former USSR due to their impressive size, intelligence, and ability to withstand cold weather. To create the BRT, scientists combined over 17 different breeds, including the Rottweiler, Newfoundland, and a pinch of Airedale Terrier, to make a dog that almost looks like an Airedale Terrier with the body of a large Schnauzer. These beauties only come in charcoal black and reach upwards of 130 lbs. Their weatherproof coat is low shedding which is amazing for a large breed, so coat care is fairly undemanding. Like all terriers, Black Russian Terriers have a high prey drive and love to chase anything in sight! They excel at obedience and other dog sports like water rescue.

Personality of Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terriers are intelligent, calm, and loving companions with a strong protective instinct. They make excellent family pets because of how attentive they are to children. Like many terriers, these dogs need a lot of exercise, so they are happiest when they have a job to do! A Black Russian Terrier may not be the best choice for apartment living, especially if you're a light sleeper - this breed has a tendency to snore! So if you're looking for a majestic terrier-type dog with a strong protective instinct and a sweet temperament, you’ll love a Black Russian Terrier!

Common Health Issues & Recommendations for Black Russian Terrier

Mange in dogs: Black Russian Terriers may be genetically prone to developing mange. This condition may present as patches of red, scaly, skin combined with temporary or permanent fur loss. Although there is no cure, keeping your dog’s immune system is strong, means that flare ups can be more easily managed.

Recommendations for Mange in Black Russian Terrier Dogs:

  • Stimmune - Gentle support for the immune system that is helpful for reducing itchy inflamed skin.
  • Yucca - A healing herb that is beneficial for alleviating inflammation, itchiness and discomfort.
  • Natures Immuno - A blend of medicinal mushrooms that may help to rebuild the immune system and help to improve the body’s defenses.

Heart Disease in dogs: Black Russian Terriers may be susceptible to heart disease in their senior years. Most canine heart disease is caused by the weakening of a heart valve.

Recommendations for Heart Disease in Black Russian Terrier Dogs:

  • Heart Health Super Support Kit - A bundle of natural supports to promote heart health, help alleviate cardiovascular disease, and encourage healthy pulmonary and cardiac function.

Hip Dysplasia in dogs: is an inherited disease in Black Russian Terriers that causes the hip socket to improperly form and may lead to arthritis or mobility issues down the road.

Recommendations for Hip Dysplasia in Black Russian Terrier Dogs:

  • Old Timer - A blend of soothing herbs formulated to help reduce joint discomfort, improve energy levels and support healthy bones and joints.
  • Yucca - Contains natural corticosteroid properties that may help reduce inflammation, stimulate a healthy appetite and help regulate fluid balance.
  • Turmeric - Is rich in antioxidants that can help to support healthy circulation and enhance tissue repair.
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