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Papillons are one of the oldest toy spaniels, and they are named after the French word for butterfly- for their butterfly-like and long-fringed ears. They are known for being happy, friendly, adventurous, good natured dogs. They are highly intelligent and trainable, but require mental stimulation to avoid destructive behaviours. The Papillon’s gentle temperament makes them an ideal companion, and in homes with children.


Common Health Conditions

  • Pappillons can be prone to back problems such as IVDD, which occurs when a disc in the spine ruptures or herniates and pushes upward into the spinal cord. 
  • Reverse sneezing, also known as paroxysmal respiration or pharyngeal gag reflex, is common in Papillon dogs, and other small toy breeds. Reverse sneezing is not actually a sneeze . It is a spasm that occurs when the soft palate and throat become irritated.
  • Portosystemic liver shunt is a congenital abnormality in which blood vessels allow blood to bypass the liver. As a result, the blood is not cleansed by the liver as it should be.



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