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Breathing Difficulties

Breathing Difficulties


Remedies for Cat Breathing Difficulties

Hearing your little loved one cough, wheeze, and gasp for breath can be frightening and concerning. However, breathing issues in cats may be somewhat common, depending on what breed your cat is. If your cat has been experiencing this issue for some time, it may be appropriate to introduce supplements that will help ease their breathing issues and make them more comfortable overall.

All natural ingredients like coltsfoot, licorice, and ginger can help control coughing, provide anti-inflammatory properties, and relieve pain associated with cat breathing difficulty. Adding NHV supplements into your cat’s daily diet can provide long-lasting relief from respiratory symptoms, empowering your kitty to breathe easier and perform more rigorous, youthful activities.


  • Shortness of breath
  • Frantic attempts to inhale
  • Bluish mucous membranes (in severe cases)

Causes of Breathing Issues for Cats

Your cat’s breathing difficulties may be caused by various conditions. For example, Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the trachea and bronchi. It develops when the smooth muscle of the bronchi constrict, blocking the airway and triggering the release of histamines. This obstruction of the airway causes mucus to build and triggers spasms that bring on shortness of breath and wheezing. The condition is often triggered by exposure to environmental allergens such as cigarette smoke, dust, hair spray, and perfume.

Asthma is known as allergic bronchitis and is similar to asthma seen in humans. Young cats and certain breeds, such as Siamese and Himalayans, appear to be more susceptible to bronchial asthma. In some cases, your vet may recommend surgery to rectify nasal passages to allow for unblocked airflow. Surgery should be considered a last resort, however. It is best to try less invasive alternatives first to ease your cat’s breathing difficulty with supplements or by removing the irritant altogether.

Additional Support

NHV offers the Asthma Kit For Respiratory Relief, that aids with asthma stress relief, the Bronchitis Gold Relief Kit, which can help ease painful bronchitis symptoms, and the Resp-Aid™ for Cats, for respiratory disorders. All of these products are 100% natural and formulated by veterinarians with 20+ years of experience. These are human-grade quality products created to help your pets live healthier for longer naturally. Reach out to our pet experts if you have any questions about our respiratory support supplements for cats with breathing difficulty.

Determining the allergen triggering your cat’s breathing issues can be difficult, however, it will help if you can minimize your pet's exposure to potential irritants including cigarette smoke, dust, hair spray, and perfume. It is also important to remember that feline heartworm disease can mimic asthma symptoms, so any cat with breathing difficulty should be screened for the disease.

Visit our blog to read more about animals with asthma. NHV Natural Pet Products are vet tested and owner approved. Order $50 or more and receive free shipping within the USA or Canada.

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