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American Curl

American Curl

Overview of American Curl

The American Curl is named for its uniquely shaped ears that curl backward. Caused by a spontaneous natural mutation, these kitties are a medium-sized breed (5-12 lbs) that come in a range of coat colors and patterns. It is one of the youngest cat breeds and only came to be in the 1980s in Lakewood, California. The American Curl was the first breed to have both long hair and short hair varieties approved for its breed standard. They are born with straight ears that start to curl 3-5 days later and can curl up to 180 degrees away from the head. The kitties with the tightest ear curls are the most coveted!

Personality of American Curl:

Nicknamed the Peter Pan of cats, The American Curl keeps their kitten-like curiosity and playfulness even into their golden years. They are great pets for a household with children because of their playful personality. Curls are not overly chatty, but they are known to communicate through their trills. This breed is very intelligent, curious and can be clingy towards their human companions.

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for American Curl:

Ear Infections: Can be a common issue for the American Curl because of their narrow inner ear canals that are prone to developing a buildup of wax, resulting in yeast and/or bacterial overgrowth.

Recommendations for Ear Infections in American Curl Cats:

Obesity: The American Curl is prone to obesity if not given a proper diet, weight control plan, and sufficient, daily physical activity (free feeding is not recommended).

Recommendations for Obesity in American Curl Cats:

  • Nutritional Essentials Plus - A rich source of vitamins and minerals can help your pet metabolize food more effectively and promote healthy digestion.

Dental Disease: is a condition common in cats who are not having their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. This condition also has a genetic component, with some breeds being more prone than others. A build-up of food residue eventually turns into tartar, which can infect the gums and teeth.

Recommendations for Dental Disease in American Curl Cats:

  • Mouth Drops for Cats - Aids in reducing bad breath, gingivitis, tooth decay and helps fight bacterial infections of the mouth.
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