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Cut and Wound Care

Cut and Wound Care

Healing Dogs with Cuts and Wounds

We all love to see our dogs play and have fun, but they can also get rambunctious which can lead to accidents such as minor cuts and scrapes. Playtime may also lead to more severe wounds, and without proper treatment, these wounds could develop into more serious infections and potential health issues.

Symptoms to Look for with Wounded Pets

  • An obvious cut, scrape or torn skin.
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Increased licking in a specific area
  • Limping, pain or tenderness
  • Missing hair

Natural products such as our Cut & Wound Care Kit can help provide support in the form of first aid for your dog’s cut or wound along with conventional treatment. This convenient kit contains two products, a rescue spray and an all-clear ointment with powerful natural herbs that will help soothe and disinfect your pet’s wounds and speed the healing process.

Using the spray first will provide a natural antiseptic followed by the ointment which will soothe inflamed skin and eliminate bacterial and fungal infections from the wound.

Common Causes of Wounds in Pets

When our pets play, they are not thinking about being careful so accidents can happen.

  • Bumping into hard or sharp objects
  • Attacks from other animals
  • Playing too rough

Additional Support Tips

Always have a supply of first aid for dogs readily available for immediate care if needed, and make sure the space your dog lives in is free from sharp objects. If your dog gets wounded and is bleeding, there are a few things you can do immediately.

  1. Use a clean cloth or sterile gauze and apply direct pressure to the wound.
  2. If the wound appears to be more severe, contact your vet for further treatment.
  3. Be sure to give your pet a treat after providing first aid treatment to keep the experience positive.

Natural & Effective Wound Care

NHV Natural Pet Products is a global brand of health supplements for pets and animals of many kinds. Our products are all-natural and formulated by veterinarians with the main focus on comprehensively supporting health.


For more information about first aid for cuts and wounds in dogs and cats, read our blog which will cover the basics of dog and cat first aid because, at NHV, your pet’s health is our top priority.

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