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Chronic Bronchitis is an inflammatory reaction of the interior of the small airways that generally affects middle-aged cats. It causes a dry, harsh, hacking cough and can also involve gagging, retching, and the expectoration of a foamy saliva. Any cough lasting two months or more is considered chronic bronchitis, which if left untreated can damage the airways and lead to mucus build up in the bronchi.

Chronic allergic bronchitis is a breathing disorder brought on easily by physical activity. It is a condition that causes a dry, harsh, hacking cough that is seasonal or can occur at any time during the year.

Cats can also developed allergic bronchiolites, an inflammation of the lower portion of the airway, or bronchitis, an inflation of the bronchial airways that may extend into the lungs. Another condition, called tracheobronchitis can be caused by parasites, diseases of the mouth and pharynx, smoke inhalation, exposure to chemical fumes, or by chronic coughing caused by heart and lung disease. It is more likely to develop in cats with an existing respiratory disease or disorder of the lungs or airway.


  • coughing
  • gagging
  • foamy saliva after coughing
  • shortness of breath
  • frantic attempts to inhale
  • bluish mucous membranes (in severe cases)

Additional Support

TLimit your cat’s exposure to potential irritants including cigarette smoke, dust, hair spray, and perfume. It is also important to visit the vet anytime your cat experiences breathing problems. If your cat has allergic bronchitis help support the immune system with Stimmune.

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