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Natural Supplements for Bird Health

All bird species, be it budgies (aka parakeets) or cockatiels, hold a special bond with their humans; Some recent studies have even found that their brains are far more human-like than once thought! We know how important it is to take good care of our sensitive, intelligent companions. NHV supplements are made from the extracts of herbs to create effective support for your feathery friends.

How Natural Supplements Can Support Bird Health for All Bird Species

Whether you have a budgie, a cockatiel, or any kind of parrot, our unique formulations are palatable for all types of birds. These all natural vet-formulations are liquid, making it easy to hide in food, a favorite treat, or to feed directly.

Health Conditions that Affect Pet Birds

Most pet birds can be described as hookbills or softbills and it has more to do with what they eat than being solely based on their beak shape. Hookbills (birds in the parrot family) from adorable Parakeets (Budgies) to the majestic African Grey share a curved, powerful beak that is capable of crushing hard nuts, seeds, and thick-skinned fruit. Softbills like Canaries and Finches are granivorous and eat smaller seeds such as millet, flax, niger, or hemp. They also eat droplets and fruits of plants in general.

Both hookbills and softbills can be affected by a large variety of different conditions, just like humans. Here are just a few of the common bird health ailments that can affect different species of birds.

Remember that the NHV pet experts are always here to help! Message us with any questions. Our supplements are made with only the finest organically grown or ethically harvested, ethically sourced herbs.


  • Cancerous tumors - Budgie birds are prone to developing tumors in their kidneys and reproductive system as well as develop fatty liver disease. ES Clear and Milk Thistle, two all-natural supplements help with quality of life, vitality and offer liver and kidney support.
  • Hypothyroidism - When fed a high-fat, all-seed diet, budgies can develop an underactive thyroid gland so adding NHV multi-essentials that contain ingredients like Kelp (a high source of iodine) can help support healthy thyroid function.


  • Respiratory Infection - Often caused by the bacteria Chlamydophila psittaci, Cockatiels may develop respiratory weakness from a prolonged infection. Resp-Aid has anti-flammatory properties that help support healthy breathing and fight infections in the respiratory system.
  • Hepatic lipidosis - (fatty liver disease) is a problem that often results from high-fat all-seed diets. Milk Thistle helps the liver detoxify naturally and helps improve liver function.


  • Cataracts and Feather Cysts - Are common genetic-related conditions that can develop and affect your canary’s health. Turmeric can improve overall health and provide anti-inflammatory support.
  • Respiratory Infection - Mites that infect the trachea and air sacs commonly contribute to respiratory disease in canaries. Resp-Aid can help fight infections in a canary’s respiratory system however, if your avian friend has mites, book an appointment with your vet to get the correct treatment for mites.

African Gray Parrots

  • Stress-Related Issues - These extremely intelligent birds often experience psychological stress and can resort to feather-picking due to boredom or loneliness. Matricalm helps to relieve stress and calm nerves in any nervous bird.
  • Cancerous tumors - Due to their long lifespan, this can be a fairly common health concern.


  • Stress-Related Issues - Like other large birds, Cockatoos often experience psychological stress and can resort to feather-picking because they need lots of love and affection from their pet parents. Matricalm can help relieve tension and anxiety in your feathered friend.
  • Lipomas (benign fatty tumors) - Are commonly seen in cockatoos who become obese. Milk Thistle helps support healthy liver function and can promote liver regeneration.

Shop For your Unique Bird

Like humans, birds can be pre-disposed to certain kinds of health issues. As a pet parent, learning what may be in store for your feathered friend can help you spot early signs and symptoms from itchy skin to lumps and bumps. NHV natural supplements are formulated by a holistic vet and a master herbalist safe for all softbill and hookbill (parrot) birds.

Talk to a Pet Expert

When you notice changes in your bird’s behavior that persist for more than a few days, it can mean that something is wrong. Remember to never self-diagnose your feathery friend, and consult your vet about these changes so that any health problems can be caught and treated right away. At NHV, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about your bird’s unique health needs.

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