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Breathing Difficulties/Asthma

Breathing Difficulties/Asthma

Asthma (also known as allergic bronchitis) is an inflammatory disease of the trachea and the bronchi that develops when the smooth muscle of the bronchi constricts, blocks the airway, and triggers the release of histamines that combat allergens. When this occurs the airway becomes obstructed, fills with mucous, and causes spasms, shortness of breath, and wheezing. The condition is often triggered by exposure to environmental allergens including cigarette smoke, dust, hair spray, and perfume.

Chronic allergic bronchitis is a breathing disorder that can develop anytime or may be caused by seasonal allergies. It is brought on by physical activity and causes a persistent dry, hacking cough.

Allergic Bronchiolites, an inflammation of the lower portion of the airway, or Bronchitis, an inflation of the bronchial airways that may extend into the lungs.


  • wheezing
  • shortness of breath
  • dry, hacking cough
  • frantic attempts to inhale
  • bluish mucous membranes (in severe cases)

Additional Support

Limit your dog’s exposure to potential irritants including cigarette smoke, dust, hair spray, perfume, and harmful household chemicals. It is also important to visit the vet anytime your dog experiences breathing problems.

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