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Obesity & Weight Control Remedies for Cats

Supplements for Cat Weight Management

An obese cat could be on the road to a number of health conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, joint problems, and a shortened lifespan. You may enjoy your round, jiggly, fat cat and think of their weight as “more of them to love”, but the best thing you can do for their health and happiness is to help get their weight under control.

Some breeds of cats, like Bombay, Ragamuffin, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van, and Birman are particularly prone to obesity. Consult your veterinarian or ask our pet experts about assessing the ideal weight of your cat. Your vet may also recommend a special diet to aid in the cat’s weight management. Cats who are over weight may benefit from a balanced home-cooked complete nutritional plan from Dr. Amanda.

Nutrition for Cat Weight Control

In order to ensure that your cat is getting adequate nutrition, add natural supplements to their diet that are rich in vitamins and nutrients to aid in metabolizing food properly. Adding Omega oils will also help to promote healthy digestion and maintain a balance of fatty acids in the body. Processed pet foods tend to have a greater amount of omega-6, and a lower amount of omega-3 fatty acids. It is important to achieve a balance of fatty acids to maintain and improve health.

It can be difficult to get an accurate measurement of these essential minerals in most store-bought cat foods. Purchasing and administering your own supplements that assist in cat weight control will give you no doubt that your pet is receiving the proper amounts that should be included in their diet.

Pet Expert Tips for Obesity in Cats

It can be tricky getting your cat to exercise. Laser pointers and feather toys are great to help motivate your cat to run around and help strengthen the bond between you and your fur kid. You may even want to try taking your cat on a leash for adventures - find tips for that here. Finally, you may want to try to hide your kitty’s food around the house or get a food puzzle.

In order to give you better insight into your pet’s health conditions, we have compiled a blog full of helpful advisory articles. Read more about obesity in our article entitled “Vet Talks: Obesity in Pets”. NHV pet products are 100% natural, herbal supplements that help your pets live healthier for longer naturally, and they actually like to take them!

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