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Support Your Dog in Healing from Lice

Lice are small insects that live in hair and feed off your dog’s skin. They cling to the hair using tiny claws and can move from host to host through direct contact.

These natural botanical  remedies for dogs with lice have been formulated by veterinarians and herbalists with 20+ years of experience treating animals. They are made with organically grown herbs and have been tested by a third-party lab to guarantee their quality and concentration. These supplements both work to keep lice way and heal the damage they cause.

If you suspect your dog of carrying lice, we welcome you to call our free pet expert hotline at 1-877-937-4372 or ask our pet experts online about the most effective remedy for your pet.

Varieties of Lice that Affect Dogs

There are two varieties of lice that affect dogs.

  1. Sucking Lice - This variety of lice feed on your dog’s blood which may cause anemia and protein deficiency.
  2. Biting Lice - These lice feed on your dog’s skin.  

Female lice lay their eggs, also called nits, on hair that is near the skin and attach them tightly. Nits take about 3-4 weeks to mature, but once active, they can be seen moving when you part your dog’s fur.

Symptoms of Dog Lice

Dogs may have more than one of the following symptoms.

  • scratching
  • biting
  • matted hair
  • small wounds

Additional Support Tips

The lice that are attracted to dogs are not usually drawn to humans, but they are contagious to other animals. Talk to your vet about different shampoos and insecticides that may help.

At NHV, our proprietary & full spectrum blend of herbs in our remedies for dogs that have lice can help promote health and stimulate the healing process.

We also offer lice kits for dogs which contain everything you need to supply added natural support. These kits will also help keep away fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. Your dog’s health and well-being come first at NHV.

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