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American Wirehair


Overview of American Wirehair

Everything about the American Wirehair screams cat, except for their coat. Their prickly appearance makes them affectionately known as the punks of the cat world! The American Wirehair’s closest feline relative is the American Shorthair, even though their wiry coat looks more like a Devon or Cornish Rex. These kitties are still relatively rare - you're more likely to see one in a show ring rather than someone's living room. The wiriness of the coat has varying degrees of coarseness, from curly to spiked. Individual hairs can either be crimped, hooked or bent. This medium-sized (8-13 lbs) cat comes in nearly every color and coat pattern. Their fur tends not to mat; however, their skin may become oily, so a bi-monthly bath can do wonders for these unique kitties. Daily brushing to distribute the oils may be helpful.

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for American Wirehair

Skin Infections:

American Wirehair cats can develop oily skin because their crimped, hooked or bent hair structure is quite fragile and has a hard time dispersing the body's natural oils, so instead, the oil pools on the skin, making this kitty feel greasy. Their skin can be sensitive and prone to yeast infections.

Recommendations for Skin Infections in American Wirehair Cats:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for American Wirehair


Can occur when a cat ingests loose hair that gets trapped in its tummy. The American Wirehair cat is more likely to develop hairballs because of their dense, crimped locks.

Recommendations for Hairballs in American Wirehair Cats:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for American Wirehair

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI):

Can result from a blockage in the urethra or failure to empty correctly due to stones or crystals. Infections can also occur due to injury, stress, and/or genetics.

Recommendations for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in American Wirehair Cats:


This naturally occurring pure breed cat is like having a friendly, purring brillo pad; their fur has a naturally crimped texture, even their whiskers! American Wirehairs are very loving and slow to mature (3-4 years), so they often love to play well into adulthood. Their personality is quite similar to that of an American Shorthair: on the one hand, they can be pretty independent (preferring to sit near you rather than being carried) while, on the other hand, would be great pets for families with small children. Like their American Shorthair cousins, they can be great mousers, so a household with birds or other small animals may bring out the American Wirehair's hunting instincts. Be warned!

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