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remedies by breed

remedies by breed

Supplements for Cat Health Issues by Breed

It's important as a pet parent to know and understand what your specific breed of cat is prone to so that you can take proactive measures. Cat breeds come in all shapes and sizes, from the huge Maine Coon cat that can average 15-25lbs to the Singapura that is typically half the size of the American Shorthair. As with cat breeds, size comes with its own set of health problems that commonly occur in pets. The length of the fur can also cause cat health issues, like hairballs and other digestive disorders. Long-haired breeds like the Himalayan, British Longhair, and Angora are highly susceptible to these conditions.

Other common breeds that are known to have cat health issues are Persians, Himalayans, and Scottish Fold. These breeds all have a common characteristic, they are ‘flat-faced’, also known as brachycephalic breeds. They are prone to having breathing difficulties due to their narrow nostrils and nasal passages. Brachycephalic cats are also known to have eye health issues because their eyelids often do not close completely when they blink (exophthalmos).

cat’s health issues by breed

Shop by Breed

Use the “Shop by Breed” window to the left side of your screen and select your cat’s breed. The NHV vet formulated supplements are made for a variety of conditions. Our pet experts have bundled the formulas to help your cat with any health condition.

Whatever your cat’s breed is, it is important to do some research on what cat health issues they may be prone to developing. By learning what may be in store for your kitty, you can learn to look for early signs and symptoms and give your cat health supplements that will help prevent problems from ever developing.

How NHV Natural Pet Products Help Each Cat Breed

NHV natural herbal supplements are formulated by veterinarians with 20+ years of experience. They’re human-grade, ethically-sourced, and full-spectrum. Each one is made to help support cat health issues and to help your pet live a healthier life.

NHV Natural Pet Products makes a substantial investment in clinical research every year. Our cat health supplements are enjoyed by pets in dozens of countries. We love and care for all animals, and have defined our careers by finding the best ways to care for your pet.

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NHV Natural Pet Products is so sure you will love our supplements, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Read our customer reviews and see what others have said about our products.

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