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Alge-Ex For Cats

Alge-Ex For Cats

Cat and Dog Allergy Supplement

NHV Alge-Ex is our primary support for environmental allergies in furkiddos. Our Pet Experts have bundled Alge-Ex in all of our allergy support kits to help your little one cope with various allergic conditions, such as ear infections,skin allergies in dogs and cats, and more. This 100% natural, vet-formulated supplement helps with symptoms of allergies and overall immunity. Reach out to our Pet Experts if you need help choosing a suitable allergy pack for your little one.

How NHV Alge-Ex Dog and Cat Allergy Supplement Supports Pets

Gentle and holistic support for your little one with environmental allergies can be very helpful. NHV Alge-Ex is our main support for allergies in pups and kitties, rabbits, guinea pigs and more. That’s why we have added this herbal extract to many of our allergy support kits, including Ear Infections Gold Care Kit,Natural Allergy Kit with Histamine Support, and Fun in the Sun Summer Kit

The formulation is designed to support furkiddos affected by environmental allergies. It is vet-formulated to help manage allergy symptoms, balance histamine response, and support the immune system. 

Alge-Ex and all the other NHV supplements are human-grade quality, and are made with only the finest organic or ethically wild-crafted herbs. They are also safe for long-term use!

Every day, our furriends are exposed to allergens like dust and pollens.NHV’s Natural Allergy Kit with Histamine Support may help your little one by offering fundamental and proactive support! The bundle contains Alge-Ex as well as Ouch Away. Together, they help with irritation caused by skin allergies in dogs and cats, and balance histamine activity.

Pets suffering from allergies often exhibit accompanying ear infections. Because of that, our Pet Experts have bundled Alge-Ex into our Ear Infections Gold Care Kit. This kit also contains our natural ear drops, Echo Gold. Together, these two formulations help relieve inflammation and discomfort in your little one. 

For the most comprehensive support for your little one, especially during activities and exploration season, the Fun in the Sun Summer Kit may help. In addition to Alge-Ex, the kit has Inulin-PK, All Clear Ointment, and Target Spray. This comprehensive kit helps with allergy symptom, parasite support, topical flea aid, and an ointment to help soothe skin.

Reach out to one of our Pet Experts to determine which kit suits your furkid!

Additional Support

All our herbal supplements provide excellent proactive support for your furkiddo’s health conditions. They’re also liquid based. So you can simply drop the extract directly into furkiddos’ cheek pockets or mix it with their meal. 

If you have questions about pet allergies, like skin allergies in dogs and cats, feel free to contact our Pet Experts! We are always happy to help!

Grappling with allergies can be very upsetting and frustrating for your little one. Order our allergy support kits now with Alge-Ex, to naturally support your furkid with allergies!

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