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guinea pigs

guinea pigs

Guinea Pig Supplements

Nutritional Supplements for Your Pet’s Diet

Even small pets like guinea pigs can face cancer, malnutrition, and inflammatory diseases - the same way dogs and cats do. Regardless of size, every furry friend deserves the best. Discover guinea pig supplements formulated specifically with your pet in mind. Browse NHV’s natural pet products for all-natural guinea pig dietary supplements.

How NHV Remedies Support Guinea Pigs

A comprehensive approach to your pet’s health can have life-changing results. The natural restorative properties of our guinea pig supplements promote your pet’s overall health by supporting their immune system, or to help them while they recover.

For kidney pain relief, urinary crystal prevention, and protection against urinary tract infections, we recommend our Bladder Stones & Urinary Crystals Kit. This guinea pig dietary supplement kit features Tripsy and Milk Thistle and contains all-natural, holistic ingredients like:

  • Wild Hydrangea Root—helps dissolve some forms of urinary stones and helps reduce pain
  • Gravel Root—contains anti-inflammatory properties and can help break down painful mineral buildup within the urinary tract
  • Echinacea Purpurea—promotes healing and helps fight infections using natural antimicrobial properties
  • Marshmallow—helps decrease inflammation within the urinary tract, helps fight bacterial infections, and protects against oxidative damage
  • Oregon Grape—helps protects against fungal and bacterial infections
  • Milk Thistle seed extract—helps prevent the buildup of liver toxins and contains regenerative properties

Guinea pigs run a higher chance of developing urinary disease than other small pets. Mineral buildup and calculi blockage is common, uncomfortable, and can endanger your pet’s life. Consult your veterinarian if your guinea pig is showing any symptoms of urinary issues. Once they’ve been formally diagnosed, try adding guinea pig supplements to your pet’s treatment plan.

Support Your Pet with Guinea Pig Dietary Supplements

A well-balanced diet is important when it comes to disease prevention later on in your guinea pig’s life. Pet owners should provide essential nutrients like vitamin C and avoid foods high in calcium. Most veterinarians see problems like bladder stones, calculi buildup, poor dental health, and vitamin deficiencies as guinea pigs get older unless supplemental measures are taken.

Guinea pigs should have a high quality diet including commercial pellets, hay, fruits, and vegetables.If your guinea pig is a picky eater, NHV’s tasty guinea pig supplements might be a good way to add extra vitamins into their daily food.

Additional Support for Your Furry Companion

Urinary disease and discomfort can heavily impact your guinea pig’s quality of life. Reach out to your pet’s team of veterinary professionals if you suspect your pet is showing signs of urinary tract disease. Implement preventative care measures like NHV’s vet-approved guinea pig dietary supplements to help ensure a happy and healthy future with your furry companion.

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