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guinea pigs

guinea pigs

Natural Remedies for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are generally hardy, healthy animals that make great family pets. But they’re susceptible to illness and disease like other household pets. Health conditions like respiratory infections, diarrhea, tumors, urinary problems, and parasites can all affect them. Help sick guinea pigs with natural remedies to provide relief for these issues.

How Natural Remedies Can Support Guinea Pigs

NHV’s pocket pet supplements can promote urinary tract health, relieve cancer symptoms, detoxify and strengthen the liver, provide essential vitamins and minerals, expel parasites, relieve symptoms of arthritis, and balance the adrenal system. Our guinea pig remedies are 100% natural, safe, and gentle to use on your little buddy.

Health Conditions that Affect Guinea Pigs

If your pet experiences a change in their behavior, this can be an indicator that something is affecting their health. Never self-diagnose your guinea pig. When changes in their health persist, consult your veterinarian for professional advice. Below are some common conditions that affect guinea pigs.

  • Arthritis - Pain and inflammation in the joints.
  • Adrenal Disorders - The adrenal gland doesn’t produce the proper amounts of hormones to function correctly.
  • Bladder Stones & Urinary Crystals - Mineralization in the urine forms crystals and eventually bladder stones, which can painfully block the urinary tract.
  • Bladder & Urinary Tract Infections - Bacteria from the lower urinary tract travels into the bladder and can eventually reach the kidneys, causing kidney damage and failure.
  • Diarrhea - Can be caused by eating something that doesn’t agree with the body, illness, infection, or other reasons.
  • Parasites - Lice, mites, worms, and other tiny creatures that live on or in your pet.
  • Respiratory Infections - The airways become infected and inflamed.
  • Tumors - Lumps that are often cancerous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these natural remedies for guinea pigs safe for hamsters and ferrets, too?

Yes. These supplements can be used on other small pets, like hamsters and ferrets.

I think my guinea pig is sick. Which remedy should I use?

While our remedies are gentle and safe to give to your guinea pig, you should not play guessing games when it comes to your pet’s health. Schedule an appointment with your vet for further advice.

Additional Support

Help support your sick guinea pig with an NHV remedy today. Keep those furry little scamps healthy so they can live longer. If you notice signs of deteriorating health in your pet, consult your vet for a proper diagnosis. NHV supplements are herbal and safe to use in conjunction with your vet’s recommended treatments.

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