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They typically weigh between 14 to 18 pounds. Pugs were bred to be companions, and that's exactly what they do best. The Pug craves affection and is very unhappy if his devotion isn't reciprocated. He tends to be a sedentary dog, content to sit in your lap as you read a book or watch a movie. This doesn't mean they are not playful or active. Pugs are comical dogs that enjoys living it up, and delights his owner with silly antics.

Common Health Conditions

  • The pug’s facial wrinkles must be kept clean to prevent skin fold dermatitis, a form of skin inflammation.
  • Pugs have a very narrow and short nasal cavity as a result of their snubbed snouts, and this makes them more susceptible to various breathing difficulties.
  • Pugs usually live a sedentary life, and as a a result they are prone to obesity. Be sure to give a balanced and healthy diet and enough exercise to your pug to prevent unhealthy weight gain.
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