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Brazilian Shorthair


Overview of Brazilian Shorthair

Known in their home country as Pelo Curto Brasileiro, The Brazilian Shorthair owe their origins to the common street cats of Brazil. They are similar to their counterparts like the American Shorthair. It is strongly believed that cats were brought over by Portuguese ships when they arrived in Brazil for the first time back in 1500 CE. Over time, these vermin hunting kitties became street cats that Paulo Samuel Ruschi later developed into a pedigreed cat. They are the first Brazilian cat breed to receive international recognition. In 1998, the World Cat Federation recognized the Brazilian Shorthair as a unique breed; however, they have not received recognition by TICA or CFA. Despite their athletic build, these kitties are more slender than their American and British counterparts. Their heads tend to be longer as well. These kitties only get to about 10 lbs and come in almost any coat color under the sun. Their coat pattern is unique to each cat so no two Brazilian Shorthairs look alike! Their one-of-a-kind coat happens to be one of their most distinctive features. You'll even find some of these kitties with spots or special markings on their tails. Their short coats mean brushing once a week, should be enough to keep matting and hairballs under control.

Personality of Brazilian Shorthair

Today, the Brazilian Shorthair is prized for its unique coloring and friendly personality. These purebred kitties have managed to hold onto their social street-cat mentality - meeting new people and exploring new places is right up their alley so they would be fine as an outdoor pet. Their outgoing personality means that they are a perfect family pet who loves to burn off energy by running and exploring but are just as happy snuggling on the couch with you. Make sure that your Brazilian Shorthair has cat trees, scratching posts and lots of toys to keep them entertained. These kitties have retained the street-smarts of their ancestors, making them quick learners who love a challenge! They are an excellent breed to teach tricks to. The Brazilian Shorthair may be your perfect pet if you want a street-smart kitty who can hold their own, loves new experiences and may even learn how to use the toilet!

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Brazilian Shorthair Cats

Kidney Disease: The Brazilian Shorthair is prone to polycystic kidney disease, a disease where cysts form throughout their kidneys. If left untreated, the buildup of these cysts can lead to kidney failure.

Recommendations for Kidney Disease in Brazilian Shorthair Cats:

  • Kidney Support Kit - Contains many beneficial ingredients for strengthening kidney function and circulation (may prevent the formation of cysts).

Fleas: Because of the Brazilian Shorthair’s street smarts, they may spend a lot of time outside so they may be prone to getting fleas from other animals or venturing into an infected environment.

Recommendations for Internal Parasites in Brazilian Shorthair Cats:

  • Fleas Kit 1 - Beneficial for strengthening your kitty’s immune system and shielding them from fleas and other pests they may encounter.

Tapeworms: Brazilian Shorthairs are very curious and love to explore new sights and smells so they may accidentally ingest food or water contaminated with tapeworm eggs on one of their daily outdoor treks.

Recommendations for Tapeworms in Brazilian Shorthair Cats:

  • Natural Deworming Gold Kit - Contains a blend of herbal ingredients to encourage the natural elimination of tapeworms, support and restore liver function (detoxification) and help promote GI tract health.
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