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Overview of Minuet Cat - Napoleon

A longtime Basset Hound breeder named Joseph B. Smith started developing the Minuet Cat - Napoleon after seeing a front-page feature in the Wall Street Journal in 1995, featuring a Munchkin cat. He decided to create a new breed that would combine the shortened muzzle and soft plush coat of the Persian with the shortened legs and small paws of the Munchkin. Originally named the Napoleon cat to poke fun at the cat’s diminutive size, it is doubtful that Napoleon Bonaparte would have appreciated a dwarf cat named in his honor, not to mention his intense fear of cats! The International Cat Association (TICA) later renamed these kitties the ‘Minuet’ in 2015. However, these pint-sized pets are still addressed as 'Napoleon' by the Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF). The Minuet cat - Napoleon is yet to be recognized by the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) and American Cat Fanciers Association. Their coats come in both shorthair and longhair varieties and in pretty much any color you can imagine! For shorthair Napoleon kitties, we recommend brushing them once a week, and for the longhair variety, twice a week should be enough to keep your Minuet cat looking their best.

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Minuet Cat - Napoleon

Polycystic Kidney Disease:

Like their Persian ancestors, Minuet Cats - Napoleons may be susceptible to a type of kidney disease where cysts form and cause decreased functionality. If left untreated, PKD may lead to kidney failure.

Recommendations for Polycystic Kidney Disease in Minuet Cat - Napoleon :

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Minuet Cat - Napoleon


Is a chronic disease characterized by the loss of the smooth cartilage that surrounds bones and joints. This may lead to discomfort and inflammation, especially in the Minuet Cat - Napoleon.

Recommendations for Osteoarthritis in Minuet Cat - Napoleon :

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Minuet Cat - Napoleon

Cat skin problems:

Napoleons are susceptible to skin issues, especially allergies which may lead to itchy skin and infections.

Recommendations for Cat skin problems in Minuet Cat - Napoleon :


Sometimes described as "ferret-like" in how they move and play, the short-legged Minuet cat - Napoleon can jump up on your furniture and get around like any other kitty. They are loyal, fun-loving, and enjoy getting showered with affection, but don't do well if left alone for too long. A Napoleon cat is very sensitive to the emotions of their human family and will offer extra cuddles when you need them! Due to their lack of hunting instinct, these kitties will play nice with other furry friends, even rodents and birds! So if you want a sweet kitty who may be short in stature but big in personality and winning looks, you may want a Minuet cat - Napoleon!

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