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Turkish Angora


Turkish Angora’s are originally from Turkey, dating back to the 15th century. They are graceful, energetic, and elegant creatures who love to run and play. The silky coat of the Turkish Angora does not shed much and is easy to groom with weekly combing. They are intelligent, adaptable loving, and playful- all of which makes them ideal for families with young children and as companions for seniors.

Common Health Conditions

  • Inflammatory bowel disease is one of the most common causes of vomiting and chronic diarrhea in cats, and is sometimes observed in Turkish Anogora cats.
  • Hairballs can often occur with excessive grooming and licking. While these typically pass through the cats system, sometimes the hairballs can become lodged within the cats stomach or cause intestinal blockage.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma of the ear, eyelid or nose is a skin cancer caused by repeated exposure to the sun. White, or light colored, cats are more susceptible to squamous cell carcinoma.
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