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Overview of Briard

Many people may think they've never seen a Briard before, but Buck, Al Bundy's beloved dog in Married with Children and Dharma and Greg's dog Stinky are both Briards. These pups may look like shaggy muppets, but they are hardworking brainy dogs from France who were the herding dogs of choice by Napolean and Charlemagne! Their roots date back to the eighth century where they were bred as all-around working dogs, who were excellent at guarding the flock and protecting the home. Their double rear dewclaw helped them pivot when herding sheep and cattle. And during WWI, Briards helped locate and rescue the wounded. Almost going completely extinct, these pups were saved and revitalized by adding the Beauceron and the Barbet to their gene pool. These large (55-100 lbs) pups have a coarse and wavy outer coat that comes in black, gray, and tawny. Tawnies also can change color dramatically throughout their lives. They are born darker and gradually go lighter until they are about two years of age. It may surprise you to know that many still herd and guard flocks today. The Briad’s warm, expressive eyes, shaggy looks, and adorable hooked tail are sure to win you over!

Personality of Briard

Even though they have herding and guarding in their blood, Briards can adapt to most homes as long as they get adequate daily exercise. With their shaggy fur and extreme intelligence, Briards are highly trainable, and they respond well to positive reinforcement. These dogs can be great family pets as long as they are socialized early. So if you're on the lookout for a highly trainable and devoted pup who has brains and looks like an adorable Muppet, get a Briard!

Common Health Issues & Recommendations for Briard Dog

Cancer: Like many large breed dogs, Briards may be prone to developing cancer. The most common type of cancer that affects these herding dogs is lymphosarcoma.

Recommendations for Cancer in Briard Dogs:

  • Cancer Fighter Pack - A bundle of supplements made from all-natural ingredients to help remove toxic waste from vital organs, relieve inflammation and add immune support.
  • Natures Immuno - A blend of medicinal mushrooms that offers extensive health benefits for dogs. It is beneficial as anticancer and anti-tumor support.

Mange: Demodex is a type of mite that lives in the hair follicles of all dogs. Normally your dog’s immune system keeps the mites in check, but some breeds may be prone to developing an overabundance of these mites and they may develop alopecia (hair loss).

Recommendations for Mange in Briard Dogs:

  • Stimmune - A blend of powerful herbs that promotes a healthy immune and histamine response. It is very beneficial for skin and coat issues.
  • Yucca - Highly nutritive herb that can be beneficial in supporting many body processes including inflammatory response.

Hypothyroidism: is a glandular disorder that may affect your Briard. This condition develops when the thyroid gland does not produce adequate hormone levels to maintain your dog’s metabolism. Symptoms may include lethargy, sudden weight gain, and issues with their skin/coat health.

Recommendations for Hypothyroidism in Briard Dogs:

  • Hypothyroidism Kit - A bundle of natural remedies to support thyroid function and healthy metabolism, support healthy weight management and encourage healthy skin/coat.
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