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Overview of Saluki

As one of the oldest breeds in history, the Saluki can trace their origins back to ancient Egypt, where they were so revered that some were even mummified! Traditionally, Bedouins in the Arabian Peninsula relied on their speed for hunting gazelle, so the Saluki was considered a gift of Allah (because they provided food) and were allowed to cohabitate with these nomads in their tents. Today, they are more likely to run for fun. The Saluki is also known as the gazelle hound, Arabian hound, and the Persian greyhound, so it is easy to compare them to Greyhounds because of their slender build that allows them to be great runners. If Greyhounds are the sprinters of the dog world, Salukis would be the marathon runner; what they lack in speed, they more than make up for in endurance! For extra support in rough terrain, nature has equipped the Saluki with tufts of fur on their paws. They are closely related to other sighthounds like Sloughis and Azawakhs, who also rely on their speed and up to a 270-degree field of view, which is impressive considering that humans only have a range of 180 degrees.

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Saluki

Autoimmune Thyroiditis:

Is a health issue characterized by an inflamed thyroid gland. Sighthounds, like Salukis and Azawakhs may be susceptible to developing this condition. A visit to the vet can check their hormone levels to check if the gland is under or over functioning.

Recommendations for Autoimmune Thyroiditis in Saluki Dogs:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Saluki

Heart disease in dogs:

Salukis are prone to many types of heart disease, which can develop early in life or in their later years. Doing an annual heart exam is vital if you have a Saluki. Early detection of a heart condition can help you get on top of symptoms and provide the best quality of life for your pup.

Recommendations for Heart disease in dogs in Saluki Dogs:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Saluki

Lymphoma in dogs:

Is a cancer of the lymphatic system. Sighthounds like the Saluki are known to have lower levels of thyroid hormones so their body functions may work slower than normal. Processes like the removal of wastes in the lymphatic system may be impaired as well as cell formation.

Recommendations for Lymphoma in dogs in Saluki Dogs:



The Saluki is a loyal and affectionate dog that loves to run and would be happiest in a home with an enclosed field. There are two varieties of Saluki dog: the feathered and the smooth. Due to their single coat, even the feathered variety doesn’t take a tremendous amount of brushing to keep their coat looking great. Be sure to focus on their ears which can get tangled easily. These speedy hounds can be stubborn and training can be challenging so the ideal pet parent for a Saluki would be someone who focuses on positive reinforcement and is consistent. They can be great family pets, even with children but early socialization is best. If you’re considering taking a Saluki home with you, consider getting two as they love being around their breed and part of your pack!

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