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Cairn Terrier


Overview of Cairn Terrier

With their foxlike expression, strong muzzle, and erect ears, who doesn't know the Cairn Terrier? This dog played Toto in the Wizard of Oz! Hailing from the Scottish Highlands, the Cairn Terrier is thought to be one of Scotland's original working terriers. They were initially shown as shorthaired Sky Terriers, but then they gained recognition as their own breed by 1912. Cairn Terriers come in almost any color, except white; a white Cairn Terrier is actually a West Highland White Terrier! These little dogs came to be known as Cairn Terriers (which means a heap of stones in Gaelic), because of how tough they are! Their front paws are slightly larger than their hind paws, so in true terrier form, they are master diggers! These hardy little pups are hard workers in the field and sweet companions at home. Ideally, adults should weigh between 13-14 lbs. Their water-resistant, wiry coat does an excellent job of repelling dust and debris, so a quick weekly brushing is usually enough to remove loose undercoat hairs and a coat strip should be done twice a year. But if your Cairn Terrier is destined for the show ring, you will need to hand strip their coat every couple of weeks.

Personality of Cairn Terrier

Due to their close working relationship with humans, Cairn Terriers love being part of a family unit, but it doesn't take long for them to get into trouble! These pups are highly intelligent and tenacious without the bratty, rough demeanor of some terriers. They are bright-eyed and have a slight stubborn and independent streak, so early socialization and obedience training are a must with these dogs. Also, keep in mind that if you let your Cairn Terrier off-leash, they would be safest in a securely fenced yard where they can't dig or jump their way out. So if you're looking for a funny little dog with lots of personality that won't back down from a fight, get yourself a Cairn Terrier!

Common Health Issues & Recommendations for Cairn Terrier Dog

Von Willebrand’s Disease: is an inherited condition that Cairn Terriers may be prone to. This is a condition that affects a pet’s ability to form healthy clots so if they suffer an injury, they may experience blood loss and possible anemia.

Recommendations for Von Willebrand’s Disease in Cairn Terrier Dogs:

  • Natures Immuno - Formulated with very gentle healing properties that can help support healthy immune function.
  • PetOmega 3 - Natural aid that can encourage blood and bone health.
  • Multi Essentials - Contains essential vitamins and minerals that can support healthy nutrient absorption and platelet formation.

Skin Allergies in dogs: just like people, dogs can have allergies. Cairn Terriers may be prone to skin allergies from things like pollens, mold, or dust.

Recommendations for Skin Allergies in Cairn Terrier Dogs:

Luxating Patella in dogs: is when a dog’s kneecap may slip in and out of place (called patellar luxation). The kneecap can be put back into place if it dislocates but if the condition worsens, it may require surgery.

Recommendations for Luxating Patella in Cairn Terrier Dogs:

  • Hip Dysplasia Kit - Contains a blend of herbs that can help soothe inflammation and joint discomfort, and add nutrient support to maintain healthy joints and bones.
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