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Cancer Kit for Cats

Cancer Kit for Cats

Comprehensive Support for your Cat with Cancer

It is devastating to learn that your feline family member has cancer. Depending on the type of cancer, your vet may recommend a nutritional supplement to support their immune system, ease their discomfort, or for other benefits as part of their treatment plan.

These are 100% natural herbal supplements formulated by a holistic veterinarian and master herbalist with 20+ years experience treating animals. The ingredients are human-grade, non-GMO, and have been independently tested to guarantee their concentration and quality.

It’s best to start the healing process for your cat by talking with an expert. They can help recommend which natural remedies to consider for your cat’s cancer. You’re welcome to call our free pet health hotline at 1-877-937-4372 or ask our pet experts online. You can also schedule an online consultation with a veterinarian.

Using Natural Cat Cancer Remedy Kits

Most cats can be reluctant to take supplements. NHV makes supplements that are easy to get even finicky cats to take. It’s simple to drop the recommended dosage into their food for a feline cancer remedy they won’t mind the taste of.

Feline Cancer Kit Components

Each kit is specially formulated to target areas where your cat needs the most support.

  • Milk Thistle - Detoxifies the liver to support liver function and regeneration
  • BK Detox - Supports a healthy immune system & long-term vitality
  • ES Clear - Helps pets maintain energy levels while easing pain & discomfort
  • Turmeric - Reduces joint inflammation & promotes healthy circulatory function
  • Petomega 3 - Maintains immune functions and reduces inflammation
  • Felimm - Helps support the lymphatic system, stimulate appetite, and fight infections
  • Tripsy - Supports the kidneys and is high in antioxidants

Choosing a Support Kit

NHV has a wide range of natural supplements for cancer in cats, but if you are unsure of what products would be best for your feline, you can schedule a consultation and get your questions answered. At NHV the health and wellness of your kitty is our highest priority.

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