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Keep You Cat Paws-itively Clean and Clear



Keep You Cat Paws-itively Clean and Clear

Support for Roundworm Symptoms in Cats

Roundworms are common parasites that live in the stomach and intestines of cats and can grow up to seven inches in length. After they infect the intestines, they can then migrate to the liver, bloodstream, and the lungs. Roundworms can also affect children and people with weak immune systems.

How Cats Become Infected With Roundworms

  • The worms themselves can live in dead rodents, feces, and dirt that your cat may encounter while outside.
  • Cats can also ingest the eggs that can live in the soil for months or years due to their hard shell. The symptoms of roundworms in cats may not appear until months later.
  • Outdoor cats are more susceptible versus indoor cats, and pregnant females are at an even higher risk.
  • Kittens can get them directly through prenatal infection when the larva moves through the placenta in utero.
  • Kittens can also get roundworms from their mother’s milk.

Symptoms of Roundworms in Cats

When compared to other intestinal parasites, roundworm infections are relatively benign. But roundworm infection can become life-threatening if an intestinal blockage occurs. Like other parasitic infections, the symptoms of roundworms include:

  • Diarrhea with mucus
  • Constipation
  • Spaghetti-like strings in cat’s feces or vomit
  • Dehydration that may increase chances of getting viral and bacterial infections along with other diseases.
  • Coughing that may lead to pneumonia
  • Poor growth, weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Distended / swollen abdomen
  • Dull coat
  • Worms in feces

Additional Support Tips

Consult with your vet at the first sign of parasitic infection in your cat. Your vet may prescribe deworming treatment for roundworms in your cat, which is safe to use along with NHV’s plant-based supplements. NHV’s Natural dewormer, Inulin-PK, can be used every 3 months for regular deworming of your cat. The added support will help to balance your cat’s immune system. Learn more about the importance of deworming your pets at NHV.

To prevent infections, remove pet droppings regularly and remove contaminated soil. Since roundworms can also infect people, it is imperative to keep everything clean and healthy. You can read more about how to keep your kitten healthy on NHV’s blog.

If you have questions about any of our holistic supplements that help support the symptoms of roundworms in cats, we can be reached via email and live chat, or you can ask an NHV expert because there’s no kitten-around at NHV when it comes to helping your pets live healthier longer lives naturally.

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