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Natural Remedies for Hamsters

Hamsters are susceptible to many ailments, even some conditions that affect humans. They can catch colds from people, which can lead to bronchitis or pneumonia. Hamsters can also get arthritis, cancer, parasites like lice, mites, and worms, and other health conditions. Promote their overall health with supplements by NHV, and ease uncomfortable symptoms with powerful remedies for sick hamsters.

How Natural Remedies Can Support Hamsters

NHV’s natural remedies for hamsters can give them the essential nutritional support they need every day to live life to the fullest. We also offer supplements that may provide relief from cancer symptoms, expel parasites, promote normal bowel function, support the liver and adrenal glands, and ease painful joints.

Health Conditions that Affect Hamsters

These conditions commonly affect the health of hamsters. To determine what specifically is ailing your pet, you may need to make an appointment with your veterinarian.

  • Adrenal Disorders - Conditions where the adrenal gland doesn’t produce the proper amount of hormones to function correctly.
  • Arthritis - Pain and inflammation in the joints.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) - Also known as Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS), it is a condition of persistent inflammation and irritation in the bowels.
  • Parasites - Tiny creatures, like lice or worms, that feed off your pet.
  • Respiratory Infections - Infection and inflammation of the airways.
  • Tumors - Lumps that are often cancerous.
  • Wet Tail - A condition specific to hamsters where a stomach infection can cause diarrhea and a dirty appearance around the tail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these sick hamster remedies be used on ferrets and guinea pigs?

Yes, these natural remedies for hamsters can be used on other small pets, like ferrets and guinea pigs.

When should I seek medical treatment for my hamster?

If your hamster has had an issue for a few days and it hasn’t gotten better, you will want to give your vet a call.

I think my hamster has wet-tail. What should I do?

Wet-tail often leads to death, so it is important to consult your vet right away. They can prescribe antibiotics to help kill the infection.

Additional Support

NHV’s natural remedies for hamsters are safe, gentle, and can be used alongside your vet’s recommended treatment. Remember, when changes in health or behavior persist, it is a good general rule to consult your veterinarian. We may have trouble detecting issues in such small animals, but a vet will be able to provide a better picture of their health with diagnostic tests.

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