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Cut and Wound Care

Cut and Wound Care


Natural Support for Cuts and Wounds

Cats are naturally curious, and sometimes curiosity can lead to cuts, wounds, and burns. If not treated, these small wounds can develop into infections which may then lead to more severe health issues.

Preventing these injuries can be difficult, but at home, you can ensure the space your kitty lives in is free from sharp objects and other potential hazards.

Symptoms of Wounds in Cats

  • A visual cut, scrape or torn skin.
  • Bleeding
  • Increased licking of a particular area
  • Limping, pain or tenderness
  • Missing hair
  • Swelling

At NHV Natural Pet Products, our first aid for cats contain supplements that animals like to take which is especially important for cats being how finicky they can be. Our first aid spray contains aloe vera which softens and soothes the skin as well as promoting the speedy healing of minor wounds.

Additional Support Tips

  1. If you notice a wound that is bleeding on your feline, it’s best to apply direct pressure using a clean cloth or sterile gauze.
  2. Cleaning around the wound is fine, but the vet should be the one to flush the wound itself.
  3. Do not use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on your cat because these will damage the tissue.
  4. If the wound appears to be quite severe, you should contact your vet for further treatment.

Including vet-formulated herbal first aid for cats can help provide support in conjunction with a vet-recommended treatment plan. Heal your pet’s wounds naturally with first aid for cat wounds containing powerful botanical herbs that help to soothe inflamed skin, reduce itching and scabbing while aiding in eliminating bacterial and fungal infections.

100% Natural Cut and Wound Care

At NHV, our supplements contain some ingredients that are even wild-crafted (harvested from their natural environment). When it comes to first aid for your cat’s cut, choose the natural herbal support to best help heal your feline.

For more information about first aid for cats, read our blog and find out all you can do to help before, during and after a wound occurs because, at NHV, the health and well-being of your feline is our top priority.

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