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Overview of Himalayan

The Himalayan cat’s stunning looks and personality have been winning the world over for decades! They are the most popular division of Persian cats - who, by the way, consistently rank in the top five most popular cat breeds worldwide. The Himalayan, affectionately nicknamed the "Himmy, " has all of the hallmarks of a Persian with their smooshed face, plush coat, and strong build but with the added bonus of color points, which make for light bodies with dark extremities! These kitties came to be when in the 1930s, two Harvard scientists crossed a Siamese with a Persian, and voilà, the Himalayan cat was born! The Himmy's color points are their most distinguishing feature; they come in chocolate, seal, lilac, blue, flame, and cream. Like a Pug or a Bulldog, Himalayan Cats and Persians are also smush-faced and brachycephalic, so pay special attention to their breathing and respiratory health.

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Himalayan

Cat hairballs:

May be an issue for Himalayan kitties. Because of their long hair, they are likely to groom frequently. This daily ingestion of hair may cause a buildup in their tummy which they could vomit out as a hairball. A more serious blockage could require emergency surgery to remove.

Recommendations for Cat hairballs in Himalayan Cats:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Himalayan

Polycystic kidney disease in cats:

Like their Persian ancestors, Himalayans may be prone to polycystic kidney disease. PKD in cats happens when cysts form on their kidneys and if left untreated, may lead to organ failure.

Recommendations for Polycystic kidney disease in cats in Himalayan Cats:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Himalayan

Cat upper respiratory infection:

Is a fairly common problem in Himalayan cats because of their adorable short noses and narrow nostrils which make breathing more difficult.

Recommendations for Cat upper respiratory infection in Himalayan Cats:



With their sweet nature and calm disposition, it's no wonder that Himalayan cats are so popular! They crave the attention of their favorite humans and love always being nearby. A small toy easily entertains them for hours! The Himalayan cat's long, silky coat requires daily grooming to get on top of mats. A kitty’s skin is very delicate (like tissue paper), so a Himalayan's fur can get matted if you forget to brush them for even a day! Due to their short faces, a Himmy's face requires daily wiping to keep tiny facial mats and tear staining under control. So if you want an easygoing four-legged companion with stunning blue eyes, a smooshy face, color points, and a fluffy coat - a Himalayan may just be your ideal housemate!

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