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Overview of Bergamasco

The Bergamasco is an ancient Italian breed with roots dating back 7000 years. Because they have such a long history, it isn't easy to trace their ancestry, but some say that they descended from ancient herding dogs from Persia and made their way to Europe with nomadic shepherds. Also known as the Bergamasco Sheepdog, this dog was once widespread in the northern alpine regions of Italy, namely the valleys of Bergamo, where sheepdogs were needed the most. Their coat, which forms naturally occurring loose mats or flocks all over the body, is their most defining feature! It will start weaving itself together when a Bergamasco reaches a year old to create flat layers of felted hair all over its face, ears, torso, and legs. When this starts to happen, please pay special attention to separating these mats into smaller flocks so that the skin can breathe. Once these flocks establish themselves, the Bergamasco's coat becomes relatively low maintenance and does not require daily brushing. Contrary to popular belief, Bergamascos can be bathed frequently, as long as their coat can be dried quickly enough to avoid mildew growth. Their unique coat insulates them from the extreme cold and helps regulate their body temperature, so it is essential never to shave your Bergamasco. These ancient sheepdogs come in various colors ranging from light to dark gray tones, marrow, and smoky black.

Personality of Bergamasco

Athletic, with a strong herding instinct, the Bergamasco wants to please their humans on and off the field! They are great problem solvers with an independent mind, so they can sometimes be challenging to train - consistency and patience are needed with a Bergamasco puppy. However, they form very close bonds with their human family and are highly social, making them excellent family pets. Keep in mind though, that a Bergamasco Sheepdog can be suspicious of strangers and is fiercely protective. So if you're looking for an extremely rare, ancient breed with a unique matted coat and a sharp mind, you may want to consider bringing home a Bergamasco pup!

Common Health Issues & Recommendations for Bergamasco Dog

Dog hip dysplasia: is an inherited disease in many breeds that causes hip joints to form improperly and may lead to joint discomfort, arthritis, and low energy levels.

Recommendations for Hip Dysplasia in Bergamasco Dogs:

  • Hip Dysplasia Kit - Holistic support that may help to soothe inflammation and discomfort in joints while helping to ease the symptoms of arthritis and help improve energy levels.

Blood parasites in dogs: Many dog breeds are susceptible to parasites and your Bergamasco is no exception! These include fleas, ticks, mites, and parasitic worms which may cause a range of health issues such as malnutrition, GI tract disorders, skin infections, and a weakened immune system.

Recommendations for Blood Parasites in Bergamasco Dogs:

Cancer in dogs: like many large breed dogs, Bergamascos may be prone to cancer. The most common types of cancer to affect all dogs are: mast cell tumors, melanomas, and lymphomas.

Recommendations for Cancer in Bergamasco Dogs:

  • Pet Cancer Gold Kit - A bundle of natural aids to help gently detoxify the body, help relieve inflammation, provide antioxidant support and help to restore healthy immune function.
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