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Skin Tumors Kit

Skin Tumors Kit

Powerful Support for Healing From Feline Skin Tumors

Tumors affecting the skin or the tissue just under the skin are the most commonly seen tumors in cats. Skin tumors in cats may appear in many forms such as small lumps or bumps but may also appear as rashes, discolored patches, hairless areas or non-healing sores.

NHV supplies natural supplements for skin tumors that can be used along with a vet-recommended treatment plan to help ease the symptoms, support recovery, and improve overall health in your cat. We have two kits for cat skin tumors to choose from, and both contain vet-formulated herbal solutions.

Skin Tumors Kit #1

  • BK DETOX - This potent blend of herbs is ideal for cats with a suppressed immune system as it helps flush toxins and promotes long-term vitality.
  • ES CLEAR - Bolster your cat’s immune system with this organic blend and help to maintain energy levels while easing pain and discomfort.
  • MILK THISTLE - A life raft for the liver, this natural blend removes toxins and supports liver regeneration.

Skin Tumors Kit #2

This kit contains three herbal supplement blends for skin tumors in cats including Bk Detox and Es Clear.

  • TURMERIC - A powerful herb that contains many healing properties including:
    • Reducing joint inflammation
    • Helps reduce pain
    • Supports the heart and circulation of blood in the body
    • Helps with digestive disorders

At NHV, our proprietary and full spectrum blends of 100% natural ingredients make excellent preventive support for health conditions such as skin tumors in cats. If you have questions regarding these kits, you can always ask an expert at NHV. We have a very supportive team of pet experts who can help recommend supplements to suit your cat’s needs.

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