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Overview of Munchkin

The Munchkin cat has all of the looks and personality of a typical cat, just with shorter legs! Named after the Munchkins from the beloved film The Wizard of Oz because of their short stature, these kitties' short legs come in 3 different sizes: standard, super short and rug hugger! The gene for their short legs is a spontaneous natural mutation that is likened to the same one that gives Dachshunds and Welsh Corgis their diminutive stature. A Munchkin cat may fair better than their canine peers because a cat's spine is more flexible than a dog's, but they may still experience some musculoskeletal issues down the road. Munchkin cats may require a little extra assistance when it comes to coat care because their short legs can sometimes make self-grooming a little tricky. Munchkins can either have a plush short coat or a silky semi-long coat. Shorthaired kitties should be brushed weekly and long-haired kitties should be brushed a couple of times per week to keep mats and tangles at bay. A Munchkin cat can come in any color combination or pattern under the sun.

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Munchkin


Is an umbrella term for inflammation of the pancreas. The cause of pancreatitis is unknown and can occur spontaneously. This is a common issue in all kitties so the Munchkin cat may be susceptible to it as well.

Recommendations for Pancreatitis in Munchkin Cats:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Munchkin

Joint Problems:

The gene responsible for their short legs may be linked to abnormal bone and joint formation. This may cause mobility issues down the road.

Recommendations for Joint Problems in Munchkin Cats:

Common Health Conditions & Recommendations for Munchkin


With their short stature, a little extra weight gain can really show! Obesity is a very common issue in house kitties these days. To help your Munchkin with their weight control, provide a balanced diet, lots of play time and limit their snack intake.

Recommendations for Obesity in Munchkin Cats:



Sometimes described as "ferret-like" in the way they move, play and race around, the short-legged Munchkin cat can jump up on your counters like any other kitty. These cute cats are bundles of energy that are fun-loving and affectionate. What they lack in leg length, they more than make up for with their big personalities and sweet temperament. Great things come in small packages with the Munchkin cat!

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