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Scottish Terrier


They typically weigh between 18 to 22 pounds. The Scottish Terrier is a sturdy little dog with short legs. The head is long in proportion to the rest of the dog. The almond shaped eyes are small and set well apart. Their character and personality can be described as independent, stubborn, but intelligent and hilarious. They can be slightly serious, and approve of dignity from humans. He's opinionated, as well as independent and smart as a whip.


Common Health Conditions

  • Scotties are more prone to various types of cancer than other pure breeds.
  • Scottie cramp is a condition that has been named after this breed because it is rather common. It is not progressive and it occurs when a dog is under a lot of stress or high intensity exercise.
  • Obesity can be a significant health problem in Scottish Terriers. It is a serious disease that may cause or worsen joint problems, metabolic and digestive disorders, back discomfort and heart disease.
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