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Cystitis Kit

Cystitis Kit

Powerful Natural Remedies for Dog Cystitis

Cystitis is one of the most common types of urinary tract & bladder conditions. Cystitis is an often painful inflammation of the bladder. Dogs with cystitis will have difficulty holding the urge to go, often causing them to urinate more frequently and in inappropriate places, even if they’ve been well-trained otherwise.

Cystitis caused by a urinary tract infection can be treated by a veterinarian with antibiotics targeting the bacteria causing the infection. There are also effective natural herbal remedies for cystitis in dogs involving nutritional supplements. If you suspect that your dog has cystitis, call our free pet expert hotline at 1-877-937-4372 for help, ask our pet experts online, or schedule a consultation with a veterinarian.

Additional Cystitis Risk Factors

  • Dogs taking steroids for an extended period
  • Dogs who have diabetes
  • Dogs under stress
  • Dogs who have Hyperadrenocorticism, which is an over-production of the adrenal hormone

If cystitis persists or reoccurs, then there may be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed with your veterinarian.

Symptoms of Cystitis in Dogs

  • Difficulty urinating
  • Frequent urination
  • Urinating in inappropriate places
  • Excessive licking of the genitals
  • Over grooming of the abdomen


Support in Addition to Conventional Treatment

NHV Natural Pet Products provide natural support through herbal remedies for the treatment of cystitis in dogs. Our plant-based remedies contain no additives or preservatives. These remedies provide support along with a vet-recommended treatment plan.  

  • NHV Tripsy - Encourages urinary tract health, helps alleviate painful symptoms and inhibit infection
  • NHV Milk Thistle - Improves liver function by removing toxins and the regeneration of the liver
  • NHV Turmeric - Has pain reducing and anti-inflammatory properties

You can also speak to your vet about the best ways to support your dog’s recovery through proper nutrition. Your vet will also be able to suggest medications and supplements to help speed the recovery process. You can even schedule a consultation at NHV through our online consultation service to discuss herbal remedies for cystitis in dogs that will provide excellent preventative support.

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