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Rabbit Supplements

Holistic Vet-Formulated Support

As an animal lover, you want only the best care for your pet. NHV is proud to offer a line of rabbit supplements and vitamins. Explore a variety of complementary products meant to contribute to the life-long health and happiness of your rabbit. Check out our natural bunny rabbit supplements and help protect your companion against kidney stones, parasites, infections, and more.

How NHV Remedies Support Rabbits

Natural remedies like our rabbit supplements are a great addition to your furry friend’s current vet-prescribed treatments. Enhance your rabbit’s quality of life with holistic solutions made to support pets with health concerns like hairballs and pasteurellosis.

For hairball support and constipation relief, try our Hairb-Ez for Rabbits. This bunny rabbit supplement for hairball control contains safe but effective holistic ingredients such as:

  • Licorice—Possesses mild laxative properties that support proper digestion
  • Cascara—Encourages bowel movements in your rabbit
  • Oregon Grape—Promotes digestive efficiency, supports bile production and flow, and stimulates liver function
  • Ginger—Helps cleanse the bowels and kidneys and supports proper digestion
  • Raspberry—Helps control and balance the laxative effects
  • Lobelia—Contains mucous-thinning properties and helps relieve bowel spasms
  • Chinese Rhubarb—Helps strengthen the gastrointestinal tract

Our pet experts also suggest the Hairball Control Kit, which contains rabbit supplements Hairb-Ez and Milk Thistle for additional hairball support. Hairballs can be dangerous for rabbits, as they lack the ability to regurgitate them. Natural rabbit supplements like Hairb-Ez can be used alongside your vet-prescribed regimen.

The bunny rabbit supplement Parasite Kit 1 helps eliminate parasites, but it’s natural healing properties also can aid in the recovery of your rabbit’s gastrointestinal tract over time.

Additional Support for Your Pocket Pet

If your pet is showing signs of lethargy, lack of appetite, diarrhea, or other unusual symptoms, contact your veterinary office immediately to make sure this isn’t a sign of a larger issue. Learn more about the benefits of rabbit supplements by calling our team of pet experts for more information.

Improve your small friend’s quality of life with vet-formulated bunny rabbit supplements from NHV Natural Pet Products today.

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